Friday, May 19, 2006

The end of a day

WaheGuru! Today was a beautiful day. I just finished doing ishnaan seva, and we had 13 people show up! It was done in record time. We had a beautiful hukam, from Kabir Ji (which I got to read, I love reading the hukam) at the end of the seva. Sada Sat Simran Singh (of Chardi Kala Jetha) was there and his fiance GuruDas Kaur told me that during the short Gurdwara after Sadhana, there will be a role reversal. The tabla player of CKJ, Hari Mandir Jot Singh, will sing and Sada Sat Simran Singh will play tablas. Then they will be back at their regular roles as Chardi Kala Jettha and they will play for our normal Sunday Gurdwara program. I'm really looking forward to it!

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Tajinder Kaur said...

Very beautiful pics of the sunset. You should really think about becoming a professional in this field, if you already aren't one.

How's the weather there in NM? We're expriencing near record breaking tempretatures. It's really bad but still beats the snow though :)