Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Desert Flower

I thought 'I should spot at least one Indian paint brush now that it's spring and I'm finding so many other flowers in the desert.' As soon as I finished thinking that, I saw about 100 feet away, something bright red. I knew it wasn't another beer can, it was what I was looking for. It was fiercely independent, it knew it's identity and had the strength to live on it's own, with conditions that others call harsh. The flower said: 'I'm like the other flowers in the desert, I may look different, but we all share attributes of strength and courage. We all stand beautiful, ignored by the unconscious, unseen by the unaware, sharing an appreciation for the gifts that God gives us. How can the desert be barren when such beautiful life is found? God is everywhere, beauty is everywhere, some of us love it and live it. I was not put here artificially, I have nothing fake about me. I stand as God created me, in the beautiful home that God gifted me. God gives me sustenance and I ask for nothing more. My mission is as God wills it, our meeting was pre-ordained.' I said Thank you to God and decided to share the flower's mission. That is my mission, share the manifold blessings bestowed upon me.


upinder kaur said...

beautiful!(picture as well as your thoughts)

Pali said...

WOW, amogst all that you find a red flower in the wild(ish)
WOnderful picture, would love to meditate in the moring where u live.
Tell me Prabhu, is there alot of cars/roads, or like is it noisy there, or can one meditate in peace?

Sikhi Seeker said...

I like the indian paint brush pictures from last year better though. And even though i had saved it, i have it no more (change of comps). But that picture didn't include the wonderful attributes of that flower. If you do find that pic, post that again plz?

Prabhu Singh said...

To Pali Bhai Ji: It depends on where you are. Where I live there is a road very nearby, and people drive on it at odd hours, but it's generally quiet in the amrit vela. Where I grew up, the house now owned by my brother and his wife, it is pretty quite, though depending on how loud a car is, you can hear some as they go to the Gurdwara for Sadhana. If you want total silence and no cars, I can take you to hundreds of nearby places. :-)

Bhen Ji Sikhi Seeker: I found three pictures in my archives featurin the Indian paint brush:

These photos were taken between 11,000 and 13,000 feet in the mountains. The featured flower here is around 5,600 feet elevation. The lowest point nearby is probably around 5,400 feet.

xSHANTIx said...

wah!! what a wonderful flower....it reminds me how much a Sikh stands out in society. Bright and bold.....its very attractive in a humbling way!