Thursday, April 20, 2006


The new kirtan at is incredible! I've only downloaded one track so far (track 4, Jatinder Singh), but it is just amazing. WaheGuru! Thank you for this beautiful kirtan, I am the dust of the feet of the people who bring forward such beauty in this world.
Thank you Guru ji for your bani.
Thank you sangat for your harmony.
Thank you WaheGuru for this life,
the life of dharma, not of strife.
Thank you God for every breath,
though I cannot know your depth,
everything I know is you,
my true love WaheGuru!


Angad Singh said...

guru fateh jio

jatinder singh aka jatlee amazing..he is ranbir singh's student..plays the dilruba and is only 18 yrs of age..

you can visit his blog at

Prabhu Singh said...

Thanks Angad! Actually I found the kirtan from his blog :-)
I like it lets me stay up to date with a bunch of blogs. Including yours, which is also an awesome blog, the downloads that I got from you are amazing! WaheGuru!

Sifar said...

Bhai Prabhu Singh jee.. I just found Montreal Samagam's (April 13-16) Keertan link form a Gursikhs site. They had Amrit Sanchar at the Samagam. Pl. copy and paste the link in IE browser. Enjoy.

Chardi Kala...

Kiren said...

oh the kirtan that day so blissful! i was blessed enough to be able to be there that night and the whole evening moved me so deeply. i've been listening to the recordings non-stop and even when my player is not on the sound is buzzing in my head!


Mohinder Singh said...

Dear Prabhu Singh Ji,
Pyar bhari Sat Shri Akal ||

Have you ever got sistuation where you felt and raiseed your weapons? Keeping cool is fundamentals of Sikhism. Raising sword is last option, but how Shri Singh Sahib taught American singhs/kaurs to identify that the sistuation has arrived? I want to know because I don't know. Your interview on sikhnet was awesome. It really touched my heart. Soon Wahe Guru will give me courage and I will take Amrit. ok veerji, WaheGuru Ji Ka khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh || Mohinder Singh Fakir.

Harkiran Kaur said...

Awesome poem!

Prabhu Singh said...

Mohinder Singh veerji, I don't believe that the Siri Singh Sahib ever instructed us when it is the right time for us to use the kirpan. He taught us so much about yoga and meditation and generally wanted us to grow on that level so that we would know intuitively how to handle such situations.
When I was younger I met a lot more confrontation and I was more hot-headed then. A couple days ago, as I was unlocking the gate to my driveway a car with several people drove by. My usual practice is to wave at the people who drive by my house (to be friendly). This time, after waving, somebody yelled 'go back to Iraq.' I started to laugh because the thought of me being in Iraq seemed so humorous to me. Here I was standing in full bana, and these guys were local so I know they've seen a lot of Sikhs, and still they said this. I made eye contact with one of the people as I was waving and I saw complete terror in those eyes. He was scared that somebody would look directly into his soul and I could tell immediately that most of the people in the car were junkies. The energy drained as the car passed. I experienced something that I experience when I'm around such people.
I trust that I will know when the time is right to raise arms. I live in a rough area, but I have enough protection and if people try to mess with me, they're going to meet with a certain level of protection before reaching me.

Harkiran Kaur Behnji,
Thanks, when I feel inspired, like listening to beautiful raag kirtan, poems just start flowing. I write them pretty fast; as the inspiration carries me. All the poems I've written on here have taken me 5 minutes or less to write. If I labor too much the inspiration starts to fade. In this case the next line just came into my mind as I wrote the line above it. I wrote this in about 20 seconds, as I was listening to beautiful kirtan.

Preet said...

I was one of blessed enough to be sitting in the peaceful gurdwara and listen to Jatinder's kirtan on Sunday evening. Jatinder is a star - a little mini sant. Truly very talented! Oh...(i cant help but mention this)...he is my lil bro-in-law! ;o) I actually get to listen to him all the time at home (even when im trying to sleep at night and he is playing his dilruba really loudly! ;o)

mandeep singh said...

Khalsa Ji,

Sukha Singh's Katha is amazing as well, well worth a listen. Also his Katha's in the Sikh talks section on the etkaone website are great he seems like a great Gursikh.


Manvir Singh Khalsa said...

Waheguru. Yesterday I was telling someone the same thing. Unfortunatelt I was unable to make the East London Kirtan programme however I listend to the recordings.

"Mere Laalan Kee Sobha" is so beautifully sung. Another Bhaji and I were discussing that that Kirtan is so soulful and you want to keep on listening to it. All the Kirtan was very uplifting to listen to.

Guru Ang Sang Sahaa-ee.

jatlee said...

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh!
its all his game! i know i cant sing and i accept that. i am aiming about 10 years i might be able to sing! but its a life game! and i love my guru for waking me up to this gift! we're all in the same boat!all of us beyond i! we are all one!

upinder kaur said...

congratulations Prabhu Singh on your selection as youth of the month.You really deserved this honour.May WAHEGURU bless you with more success in life and you keep serving sikhism.
Guru Ang sang.