Thursday, April 06, 2006


On Friday when I was taking pictures of blossoms at my brother's house I went on his roof to get photos of the sunset.

The other day it was 72 F. This morning it was snowing again. We could definitely use the moisture since we missed out on the snow for most of the winter. Last two years it snowed on our Baisakhi jaloose, I'm hoping this year it will be clear again.


satvinder said...

I'm running out of words. so beautiful.

ss said...


Kiren said...

Prabhu ji,

your pictures are truly divine. they always make me pause and reflect on how beautiful God's creation is.

thank you for reminding us how much beauty there is in this world!


deep kaur khalsa said...

Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh pajii :)

such beautiful pics, i enjoy photography and anything art.... and enjoy looking thru ur blog of pics of scenery and settings.

Paji without causing ne friction just thought may be u mightve made mistake in writing ...its best to call jaloose..Nagar Kirtan. I used to say jaloose too.. but stopped..:) no offence ji...jus thought il let ya know..

Love the blog...too much.

Cyu take care Prabhu paji

from Amandeep Kaur Khalsa :)

Prabhu Singh said...

Another person commented about the word jaloose on my blog earlier and then he wrote me an email later explaining the following:

"I posted a comment on your blog site when you said Jaloose and I take it back. Actually I was listening to a katha two days ago and the Giani ji explained three words that are not bad but have changed over the period of years. One of them was Jaloose, lately people use it only for degrading someone but back in old times it was meant for Shaan Shaukat. Now a days they use Nagar Kirtan instead of Jaloose. Only people from villages still use it back home. I think it’s because of giving Punjabi language a little more polished look.

The second word Giani ji said was Bhana – I assume you know Punjabi moderately to know what it means. People now a days use it only when something bad happens like a death in the family or an accident. For example Bhana vapar geya …. Bad thing happened….. But actually a Bhana happens whenever with Waheguru’s grace something happens like a birth of a new born or a death in the family. But over a period of time people have stopped using it for a happy event and used it only for something tragic…

Just thought I'd share that. Thanks for the comment.

Hari Singh said...

just beautiful pictures - keep them coming!! - its wonderful to see such delicate colours from our powerful sun!