Monday, April 17, 2006

Return of the crabapple, plum, and sky

Remember what these trees looked like two weeks ago? Now they've changed so much!
If you're wondering what's below the trees, that's plastic. My brother watered that area then put plastic over it so that the grass would grow and any seeds from weeds would grow and then die and be compost for his garden, which he's expanding to this area. He'll have to explain what the process is called because I forgot.
P.S. Baisakhi pictures are coming...

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Hari Singh Khalsa said...

I didn't put the plastic down to grow grass, but to "grow the grass out". The process is called solarization and it creates a hyper growing environment so that the grass and weeds burn themselves out growing so much that the land is left free with just the soil to add the seedlings to. This is an alternative to tilling which is much better for the environment.