Thursday, April 20, 2006

The rest of the Baisakhi pictures

Gurujot Singh and Dharam Singh sparring.
The float with the small children and the people singing kirtan.
Handing off the chakar
Deva Singh in the foreground and Siri Chand Singh in the background.
Shaking hands after a short match.
Sparring. Siri Chand Singh is playing the dhol.
I don't know what makes somebody a gatka master, but as far as I can tell GuruDham Singh is one. He studied gatka for many years in India.

Who's that? Is that Mr. Sikhnet himself taking a photo of GuruDham? Gurumustuk looked totally exhausted that morning. He had just gotten back the night before.
Reading the hukam.


Shinda said...

Looks like Guru Sahib blessed you with some awsome weather..

Nice Pics..

upinder kaur said...

Pictures are just fantastic!

Anonymous said...

prabhu singh, just in case you didnt know, you should not refer to nagar keertan as jelouse. Jelouse means to make a fool out of your self, and nagar keertan means to do keertan in the city/streets/neighborhood

Prabhu Singh said...

Thanks for the comment about the word jaloose. I did get this comment a couple of other times. The first person who wrote the comment later sent me an email saying that the word is fine, because it's meaning has been changed over time, and it was originally a nice word. I've used this word since I was a little kid and I learned it from wise Sikhs so I figured it is okay.
Thanks for the input though.

Preet said...

The kids look absolutely adorable!
I notice that you had 2 penji's as the Punj Pyare - that is quite refreshing to see.