Saturday, April 29, 2006

Recommended article

I highly recommend the following article:

I have read some of McLeod's works before and found them to be totally disrespectful. The introduction to this article is long, however it is worth a read, even if you don't read the rest of the article. This introduction is worth reading more so than any of McLeod's works. I think all literate Sikhs who know about McLeod should read the above article. I have found young Sikhs making arguments on the internet using McLeod's works as reference for their point of view. That is not a positive trend. Arguments are pointless any way. Everything is the play of God.


Anonymous said...

McLeod's most offensive statement that i find is that he claims Bhagat Kabir should be considered the first Guru Of the Sikhs.

Pritam Singh Khalsa said...

Its tooooo long of an intro. I wouldnt believe anything from a non-Sikh scholar. If he was/is Christian then he should spend his lifetime studying his religion. Im only 23 and I studied Christianity for about 15 years and all I could do was ask questons that contradicted everything said in Church, so I think he got to a point that he couldnt prove everything to be correct so he moved to studying Sikhi. Thatsa what I did but dropped Christianity, and began to study Sikhi only, for the rest of my life with no doubts about it. If you really want to know things study it for yourself and from many resources. I was in a huge debate almost neverending, with a Muslim who had Zero facts mostly opinion and from only one resource.That situation is called a bias opinion, and cannot be true even if published in a 14 carat gold book binding. People seem to talk down on things publicaly to reach the gullable people who dont study for themselves, and will change their minds on things because their isnt either enough followup or any at all.SatNam
Waheguru JI ka KHalsa Waheguru Ji ki fatewh!

Im not going to post it here do to the " I know you are but what am I" factor, but if anyone wants me to email them about the biggest contradictions of Christianity then email me at or theve me a comment on my blog with your email address.

SikhsRus said...

Thank you posting Prabhu Singh Ji! Anonymous; Greatness of Sants, Gurus and God doesn't become any less or more by someone's praise or criticizm. I have no problem with Kabir or Ravi Das, Tarlochan or others being equated to a Guru or Sant or Mahatama or Fakirs or Bhagats, Guru Nanak instructs me be a dust of the sant's feet in Sohela Sahib and other banis. I bow to them as a sign of respect anyways everytime I go the Gurdwara.

SikhsRus said...

I just realized my writing could be taken wrong as bowing to some human being. When I say I bow to Sants, I mean only to Guru Granth Sahib as a matter of respect. In actuality, we as Sikhs all are sant-sipahis, and should respect each other.

Pritam Singh Khalsa said...

True, you dont bow to the Bhagats or Sants, you bow to the Shabad or the true words of God.

Inderpreet Singh said...

Prabhu Singh - thanks for highlighting this. A good book to read that shatters the McLeodian theories of "bani was edited by Guru Arjan and can't be considered revealed scripture" is a book entitled "Early Sikh Scriptural Tradition" by Dr. Balwant Singh Dhillon. Amazingly professional academic work that counters the books of McLeod's students Gurinder Singh Mann and Pashaura Singh. Must read.

Carhdi kala!