Thursday, April 13, 2006


Gold in our hearts,
gold in our minds.
Gold in Sikh arts,
gold throughout time.

Today is beautiful and golden,
the richness of Sikhs is beholden.
Not the illusory wealth of maya,
the true wealth of the true messiah.

The greatest nation was born today,
to live pure and brave in every way.
To be known to the world as kings,
with the most humble and the most brave Singhs.

Ruling our own destiny and saving the meek,
keeping our spirits high when we act and we speak.
Serving humanity and seeing all as ONE,
A covenent with WaheGuru that can't be undone.


satvinder said...


Amazing. So so so beautiful veer ji. Your words and your thoughts.

Ah. Thankyou.

Vaisakhi diyaa(n) lakh lakh vadhaaiaa(n)

Anonymous said...

Very Nice.

Raj Karega Khalsa!

Anonymous said...

Both very inspiring and beautiful!

Sikhi Seeker said...

Super happy Baisakhi!!!

p.s.// Great compilation for the special day!

Tajinder Kaur said...

Very nice poem veer ji. HAPPY VAISAKHI to you, your family and everyone else in the worldddd!!!

Dhan Waheguru!

P.S Thanks for the info about Baba Atal. It's really saddening to hear that.

rsingh said...

Khalsa Di Sahjna Divas Uta Lakh Lakh Vadaiyaa .

May Guroo Sahib Bless you with more seva and naam. :)

a(n)mrith naam nidhhaan hai mil peevahu bhaaee ||

Vahiguroo Anng Sanng

SikhsRus said...

I am just out of words. It is beautiful and inspiring piece Prabhu Singh Ji! More please.....

SikhsRus said...

Oh! and Happy Baisakhi to you!

Sifar said...

Bhai Prabhu Singh jee,

Aap jee nu Khalsa Sajana Diwas Di Lakh Lakh Vadhai Hove Ji...

Congratulations on the 307 th anniversary of the establishing of Khalsa...

upinder kaur said...

Beautiful poem and superb capture

Anonymous said...

that's tizzAight my twin brother.

Prabhu Singh said...

I already have a twin brother. We'll be triplets now!

Anonymous said...

Raaj karega Khalsa.....