Wednesday, April 26, 2006


On Saturday we had a picnic at the Los Alamos ski basin.
Hari standing on one of the ski runs.
Hanging out near the picnic table that we ate at.
Hari and Sita sitting on one of the chair lifts.
Hari Arti climbed up to another chair. Suhas is in the front about to get a picture.
Akal threw the frisbee to Hari Arti, so I could get a photo. If you click on this you'll see he's not actually holding the disc, he's about to catch it.
Balwinder and Baljeet, swinging on the chair :-)
After seeing Hari Arti climb to the other chair I went up there to get this photo. Everybody's kind of horsing around at the ski lift.
Then I dropped my camera to my brother who took this photo.


upinder kaur said...

Baljeet is really sweet.Looks like from rural punjab.I suppose she is new to your place.
Certainly your Bana is the smartest outfit there!

Anonymous said...

Baljeet is sweet! Many years ago I just used to look like her. Now, I am all corrupted.
Prabhu you do look very good in Bana. Always keep this Saroop.

Sikhi Seeker said...

Looks like a fun-fun weekend.

p.s.// You honour me with your extra kind remarks on my blog. Truly appreciated. Sat Naam!