Friday, April 28, 2006


A small gift from God. Small in appearance, yet as grand as all of God's gifts.

Speaking of gifts from God: this is one of my favorite photos ever. (Credit to Solarider.)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful .........


ss said...

Not sure why I get a credit - but thanks. But you still can't adopt my neice (


ss said...

doh! Sorry I didnt click on the link that says "this is one of my favourite photos ever" until just now.

lol it's that picture of tk you like so much.

I made the above comment without even realising :-)

Sikhi Seeker said...

These flowers are gorgeous. I see they are on a roadside or some pathway - little are they demanding for their existence. Just wondering if it is a classified weed? "Classified" I say cuz I don't consider weeds as such for they must have a purpose if they are found on Earth. But what flower is it? Reminds me of my conversation with my mother last evening, about all the beautiful weeds we encountered through our walk :)

Pali said...

Excellent pic!!