Friday, April 07, 2006

crabapple plum sky

Everything that I see is you,
Everything I know says you are true.
The day you are, the night you are too,
you are everything, you are WaheGuru.


upinder kaur said...

akhee kudrat kannee banee mukh aakhan sach naam.(1168-7-SGGS)
Whoever sees the Lord's Creative Power with his eyes, and hears the Guru's Bani with
his ears, and utters the True Name with his mouth,

pat kaa Dhan pooraa ho-aa laagaa sahj Dhi-aan. ||3||
attains the perfect wealth of honor, and intuitively focuses his meditation on the Lord.

Angad Singh said...

Ik Ongkar Satgur Parsad..there is 1 god and and everything is his creation.

samar said...

Sat Sri Akaal!
Just loved the poem.Potrays the most beautiful'n'deep emotion known.Dhan Waheguru.

Naam Chit Aave.

Satwindar Singh said...

Dear Prabhu Singh,

What can I possibly say about a Gursikh like you... Beautiful!