Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Baba Atal - revisited

I knew at some point I would go a couple weeks without taking any pictures and would need to go back into my India photos to get something for my blog.

I don't remember what was being celebrated, but they had a kirtan program going on under the tent and had decorated the tower with lights.


Tajinder Kaur said...

Nice Pics :) wen were they taken? I would like to see more. It looks so peaceful at the Gurudwara.... there are no cars or anything around. You must have been up really late, lol.. beautiful pic!!!

SikhsRus said...
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SikhsRus said...

These are really nice! I was saddened and shamed when I read the news-story on Sikhnet about Baba Atal Gurdwara being defaced, distorted and not being taken care of. I blame the Sikh religious and political leadership for this who can spend millions on malls, roads, fancy hotels, but can not even take care of their own heritage for future generations to come. How do they expect future Sikh kids to learn in the future about Sikh history? I wish they could see the beauty and richness in Sikhi and Sikh history. Thanks for sharing!