Friday, March 10, 2006


After Gurdwara on Sunday I didn't play frisbee like I usually do.
This is near the road that goes up to the site of the summer solstice camp. From here I could see the camp. (it is to the right of this photo, a little higher up in the mountains.)
Target practice. I don't like finding trash out in nature, but when it becomes your target, then I guess in some cases it's useful. The pasole (or hominy) happened to be in my friend's car, the rest was dumped by some careless person. We didn't have a truck or trash bags with us, but at least we picked up our shells.
Another view.
It is still winter and the native grasses (and non-native grasses) are not green yet. In the background are the other mountains across the valley.
Later at night we went to a local restaurant with Mexican and New Mexican food. I had enchiladas with both red and green chile (oh yeah). I'm not sure what Ravinderpal Singh had, but this was the only photo I got of him.


Siri Dyal said...

in mexico we call enchilda divorced, with both green and red sauce.. its funny!!! ... were they delightful?

Pritam Singh Khalsa said...

Before thee Summer Solstice people should go up there and purify the grounds {clean a radius around and on the leading road} I very much don't like to see garbage out in the serene wilderness.Its a downer and feels like someone was out there disrespecting Nature, and you went to escape from city life to go see all the plants and animals not see garbage.. Iwish I could go but I don't make very much money to ever go at this pace.I can barly pay bills and take care of my BEAUTIFUL Daughter and have gas to go to the Gurdwara thats one reson why I need SGGS at my house. New Mexico Sangat is very blessed with the closeness of the people unlike California.... If anyone is ever in or traveling through Sacramento they are ALWAYS in any way welcome to stay at my house 20 min south of Sac, 20 min north of Stockton{the first GURDWARA in the U.S.A from the 1930's}

Prabhu Singh said...

It seems like they would be married instead of divorced? In New Mexico red and green chile mixed is called 'christmas tree.'
New Mexico actually has an official state question 'Red or Green?'
The land at the site of the solstice camp is cleaned before the camp starts. The land surrounding the site is Indian land it is not really legal to be there even if you are picking up trash.
The summer solstice camp is great, I've been to it (or part of it) almost every year of my life. If you arrange it ahead of time there are jobs which can be done in exchange for the camp. Though I suspect there may be a lot of people who want to do those jobs, also I don't know how many there are or how they become available. Also jobs in the community come available here in EspaƱola on occasion. It seems that your family is settled there. Have you asked around your local sangat if anybody has any jobs available? I know in most Sikh communities in the US there are a number of people who have their own businesses.
If I had my own business I would offer you a job, but I'm not there yet. Though if your (monetary) situation becomes desperate do let me know and I'll try to help in whatever way I can. I hope things go smoothly for you and your family. It's great that your daughter has a loving and committed father. Sat Siri Akal!

Pritam Singh Khalsa said...

Yes I have asked the local sangat about a job I had 1 for about a month 6 months ago but the man was VERY VERY unorganized and was very stingy and gave me what he wanted to pay me rather than what I earned.I was making his cabinets and cutting VERY VERY VERY expensive granite slabs{the most precise cutting I have ever done}Well he didn't listen to anything I said and carelessly broke 2 slabs and basically him and his wife took it out on me.So after I was finished I quit without even wanting my last tiny check he was going to pay me. When I was done his kitchen was worth 15-20,000 DOLLARS I made $700 and did it all but he cut one little cut and messed up so made me do the rest and expecting top dollar cuts which I did anyway. MANMUKH the only real sikh in their whole family was Grandma who personally wanted to make me lunch everyday even though she's about to pass away and has arthritis bad enough to make her cry alot almost everyday. So I gave up on the sangat for help only BABAJI helps me he gives me what little money he has which months later when I can I give back every dollar which is hard cause he doesnt want it back so I put it in his hand and close his hand over it and tell him thanks,Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh and run off or he'll try to give it back. So I give it back at the end of my stay at the Gurdwara and quickly try to disappear. He's 60 something and I consider him my BEST FRIEND EVER so I now call him PAPA JI cause my familys problem with me as a sikh.They wont even help me they try to make it harder for me,but that doesn't fade me{chardi kala} and they dont like it. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh!

Pritam Singh Khalsa said...

I wish I had family to show me the way to Akal Murat.
I was raised Christian and there is definitly not a connection to God like Sikhism.I see my family just go through the moves and not benefit.I share with them Sikhi but they discard/reject it, so I gave them a Nitnem Gutka with all the translations and they said everything they read really quick was true, but they don't unwrap it and read it at all. I feel that I did what I could and gave them the chance to know the GREATER LIFE{Sumpreme Living} I just hope that when they meet DHARAM RAJ they are not full of REGRET for not opening this door to the Guru.I know how my family works is not going to work.

When I was about 13-14 I became a REBEL{Totally oppisite of sikhi} I was working for my step dad when I turned 18. A couple years ago my step dad was contracted to costruct a building on the premises at the Stockton,Ca Gurdwara. I was thirsty and an old man/Gursikh gave me something to drink many times throughout the day which suprized me cause most old men{non Khalsa} are stupid and grumpy, but he really cared if I was thirsty.My step dad wanted me to cut my hair and I surely refused and he fired me from working construction, I'd rather have long uncut hair than make big bucks under his orders.That changed my life for the very best.A year or 2 later Baba Harnam Singh Khalsa Ji at Lodi,Ca Gurdwara gave me a nitnem gutka and I started to read at anytime of the day to get used to what material was in there. Then when I got the internet I read that I need to read banis at specific times, so that started my morning Sadhana. I have ZERO people to encourage me I have many people trying to discourage me. I wasted 22 years of my life thinking what my family knows is the ONLY way to salvation.I wont tell them but IT IS NOT BY FAR{ they are rude to anyone not in there religion thinking that is the ONLY way}
They slander me Aunts, Uncles,Mom,Dad,step mom,step dad, Grandmas my Grandpas both died 20 years before I was born or they would have too. I have an 8 month old girl and Jessica isnt sikh but regards it as sacred and never bothers me about it, and when I share it with her she stores all the info in her head[I think shes trying to see if I quit or something] but if Im consistant she will become sikh but not by force I tell her don't do anything you don't feel is right pointing to sikhi.She understands the basics. I tell her it is immpossible to convert to anything else cause ive learned Sikh thinking and said changing my ways is like counting wrong 12849585736 in sikhi 12345678910 or abkzxpw in sikhi abcdefghij etc. No one can make me count wrong so how can they teach me wrong things.I know what is right and what is left haha wrong. Im not worried if she converts cause mother,father,son,daughter doesnt support anyone its up to her and her heart only as long as it doesn't disrupt my practice{she knows Im sincere cause the uphill battle with my self and society}.

I love Sikhi it made me quit drinking,smoking tobacco,bhang,ego and I feel like life/human existance is the greatest thing to happen to my soul.I owe way too much to Waheguru to mess up now or EVER.I LOVE SIKHI.I LOVE SIKHI.I LOVE SIKHI.I LOVE SIKHI.I LOVE SIKHI.I LOVE SIKHI.I LOVE SIKHI.I LOVE SIKHI.I LOVE SIKHI.I LOVE SIKHI.I LOVE SIKHI.I LOVE SIKHI.I LOVE SIKHI.I LOVE SIKHI.


Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ki fateh!

I have really long dreadlocks since I was 13 I never cut my hair long before I knew what a sikh was. I know you must comb your hair 2 times a day but I can't ever so I must keep my appearance as a whole beyond clean and mannered no matter what. My round Dastar is actually full of hair: I use a little amount of cloth but have a big turban.

Hari Singh Khalsa said...

Hey Gombesa,

You have quite an inspiring story. It sounds like you really have the Khalsa Spirit in you. I have many alternative beliefs myself, some of them sound so radical that even members of my family and friends find them a bit strange. The beauty of Sikhi is that it combines the Khalsa spirit and the humility and lifestyle of a householder. The Khalsa spirit makes you feel so powerful that you could blow away and advancing army with just your breath and it certainly gives you enough strength to handle detractors. By living the life of a householder, meditating and not abusing your power but rather inspiring and helping others (seva), everyone around you will eventually see things your way. They may not admit it and they may still disagree with you, but they will certainly see that your new life is the best for you and a boon to those around you.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa,
Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh,

Hari Singh Khalsa (Prabhu's brother)

Pritam Singh Khalsa said...
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Anonymous said...

Sat Siri Akal....Prabhu
I have seen all ur archives and by looking at them i have got an idea that u r a big nature lover.And in the end i would say,"Close to nature;Close to God."

Baljivan Singh said...

Fateh Veer Ji

First time visiting your blog and pajee guru ji's apaar kirpa on you. So nice to see such passion and commitiment for Sikhi.

I love the photo's of Harimander Sahib - beautiful (I'd love to be there 24/7). Keep up the good work!
Stay in chardikala and may guru continue his blessings :)

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh