Thursday, March 09, 2006

More from the museum

A different fish tank, with another Nemo.
A dinosaur guarding it's eggs.
My nephew interested in model dinosaur eggs.
Me and my nephew in front of another display.
Many pre-hisotric artifacts including dinosaur fossils have been found in New Mexico. Most of what is in this really fascinating museum relates to New Mexico. Of course New Mexico is the 5th largest state and bigger than many countries, so there's a lot to be found here.

I put my nephew on top of the triceratops and tried to get a photo, but I couldn't let go. You can only see the thumb of my left hand in this picture, I've got a hold of his shirt. After I took this photo a lady that works there told me not to put kids up on the statues. The museum had just closed so there happened to be somebody there to see me taking the photo. I think my nephew was having a good time, and I wanted to get a better picture, but at least the lady wasn't mean when she told me not to do that.
The dinosaurs in the foreground and the mountains in the background of this reflection. This is the entrance to the natural history museum.
Don't get bit :-)

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Tajinder Kaur said...

cool, we also have a huge museum of natural history here in Denver. It's called the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. I've been there a coupla times. It's very nice, got six floors n also an IMAX theatre too. It's really interesting to go there, haven't been there for a while now though. I should go soemtime

Gur Fateh