Tuesday, March 28, 2006

more from Khalsa Night

Khalsay enjoying Khalsa Appreciation Night.
Check it out! I'm sure the regulars of my blog remember these beautiful people. Balwinder Singh and Baljeet Kaur. Baljeet looks very studious in this photo :-)
The colors of the team are black and orange. I sent an email to ask people to wear a kesri turban (Khalsa colors) and some people did it. I wore a kesri turban and a blue chola. Under my chola I had basketball shorts for after the game.
In the center of this picture are three kids playing musical chairs. The child in the center is Sahib Singh. He didn't quite understand how the game was played, but he still ended up winning! One side of the stadium cheered loudly at half time, when our little Khalsa ji won the competition.
Here's Sahib Singh after he won the musical chairs at half time.


Anonymous said...

Balvinder Singh is back. How exciting for you. Sahib Singh looks so happy. Great idea.

satvinder said...

Awe that's a cute pic of little Sahib singh :o)

Sikhi Seeker said...

Cute pictures!
And Baljeet is already here- that was real fast - good for the two of them!

Sopurkh Singh Khalsa said...

Prabhu - Hey Man! I read your post on Snatam's blog. Your sunset picture is beautiful, as are the other pictures as well. I'm happy that Snatam has her blog up. Things are perfect - God's creation is perfect!
I'll see you soon.