Monday, March 27, 2006

Khalsa Appreciation Night

The NBA development league has a team called the Albuquerque Thunderbirds. Sat Guru Singh arraged for them to have a 'Khalsa Appreciation Night.' A number of Sikhs went. It was a fun game, where the Thunderbirds won. After the game we got to go on to the court and play a game. It was so cool to play on a court with the lights and the scoreboard and referees and everything else.
Dharam Singh and Himmat Singh are sitting in the front row with Sahib Singh. In the next row is Siri Chand Singh and Deva Singh.


Anonymous said...

FAteh Prabhu!
I was wondering if you could post more pictures of u guys playing at teh court or any video clips...i wud love to see

asdasjdhas said...

Khalsa Appreciation Night! Amazing idea, great for awareness/unity.

Anonymous said...

this is great - kaddi saadde vi pind'ch aa ke kheddo khalsa ji!!!

need more pictures ...

Confused Khalsa said...

haha i was going to request the same!

are there any pictures of you guys playing? maybe in the future pass the photographing seva to someone else for a few minutes :)

keep it up Prabhu Singh Ji