Wednesday, March 22, 2006

It's snowing right now

This was on Sunday night at my house. I was trying to take a picture of the snow after locking my gate for the night. Today it's snowing again. Finally we're getting a little bit of snow at the end of winter.


Gurumustuk Singh said...

Yipee! Been snow flurries for athe past few hours. But it stopped now. Hopefully it come back. RAIN...SNOW... WHATEVER...JUST DO SOMETHING! Our dry earth needs all it can get :)

Nice pictures that past few days by the way!

The fire sky was awesome...then the cool snow blossoms...and then your recent picture at night with the snow and fence/light.

Anonymous said...

Prabhu Ji, are those the ghettos of espanola?
Chardi Kala

Prabhu Singh said...

The camera is kind of pointed away from the ghetto :-) You can see a picture of part of the ghetto if you look in my archives and see the picture of my neighbor's house the morning after somebody burnt it down without warning me. It still looks like that.
I'm not usually going to put pictures on my blog of my neighborhood, not with all the beauty around me.

My of life Pictures said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Prabhu
WHy do u choose to live in the ghettos? Just curious

Prabhu Singh said...

I used to live with my brother until he got married. When I needed to find a place to stay I didn't want to rent because I'd rather put my money towards owning something. At the time I only had a student job. I was working on my masters and I wasn't sure how secure my job would be in the near future. Real estate here is really expensive. You can't get anything nice for under $250,000. Since I had never been in debt before in my life I didn't want to be a quarter million in debt. I looked at what was available in EspaƱola and I found the cheapest place listed. I then bought it.
Now I have a better job and I could afford to live somewhere else, but there are other factors. One factor is that I recently paid off my place and I don't have any money for a down payment. Also I still don't like the idea of being a quarter million in debt. Also I figure when I get married my wife will like to help me choose a house. Another big reason though is that I think is is almost a sure deal that the real estate market is going to bust real soon. Real estate prices are so over-inflated and people have been buying based on speculation, it looks like real estate is heading for a crash.
I keep my place pretty secure. I got robbed last year but I haven't had any problems since then. I'm pretty comfortable where I am at this point. It's near the Gurdwara (5 minute drive) it's near the middle of town. I have a few really nice neighbors as well. The main problem with my neighborhood is that there's a lot of traffic (both foot and car traffic). I have a few neighbors who buy, sell, and use drugs and a lot of the foot traffic are people looking for drugs. Also the place next door to me was burnt down and a few other people are so poor and disabled they can't keep their houses from falling apart. So it looks a lot worse than it is. When I spend time outside on my property I smile and wave at all the people who drive by. Some people don't know what to make of it, but a lot of people smile and wave back. I'm nice to people and I don't show fear, I just feel pretty comfortable now.
I guess this is the best explanation I can give. This place is temporary. Someday I will have a Southwestern palace and it will be worthy of my future family and all the great people who come to visit this sacred land.

Anonymous said...