Friday, March 24, 2006

Check these out

I went up into the hills near the Gurdwara (near where I grew up) yesterday to get pictures of the painted sky.


Tajinder Kaur said...

wow those are beautiful pics. just so calm and relaxing to look at. Are these of a sun set?

Prabhu Singh said...

I was at my house and I noticed the sun was setting, but I knew the colors wouldn't be there until a few more minutes. I stopped at the post office which is between my house and my brother's house/Gurdwara area. I noticed a bright pink in the sky and thought I'd better get my mail quick. Then I went to my brother's house and ran up into the hills to capture the sky before the colors disappeared. The colors change and fade as the sun sets more until eventually there's still some light, but the colors have faded. Then it's the normal beautiful blue sky!

satvinder said...

Simply breathtaking.