Monday, March 13, 2006

Been a while

It's been a while since I've posted pictures that I took from inside my car. More importantly it's been a while since we got snow in Española. This Sunday in the Amrit Vela (after Ishnaan Seva) it started to snow really lightly and by 6:00 or 7:00 AM it was about 3-4 inches. We've been in a drought with very little snow all winter so it was nice to finally get some snow. Most of the snow in the Valley (where Española is) melted by the afternoon, but at least the mountains got a lot of snow and still have it.
I took these pictures from my car on the way to work this morning (I wasn't driving this time).

Riverside drive is the main road in Española. It is where people from out of town get lost and it is where people from town cruise. You wouldn't believe some of the cars you see on this road. You can also see a couple of campaign signs with the words "Thank you." There were elections last week and I was pleased to see this morning that a friend of mine Danielle Duran made it to city council. I'm hoping that S.E.V.A. can work with the city of Española on some projects this year. We (S.E.V.A.) have a number of ideas for service and some ideas could certainly benefit from the help of people on the city council.
What's left of the snow in the valley.
You can see some of the mountains in the background.

Often times one side of the hills or one side of somebody's house will still have snow and the other side will have melted from not being in the shade.
A view that I see on the way to work everyday and appreciate it almost every day as well.


SikhsRus said...

The SEVA site is great! Just curious as to what kind of projects or activities are you planning to work with the City? Last week, we got our first snow in the San Francisco Bay Area/Santa Cruz Mountains at around 1000 ft. Drivers weren't prepared for slippery slopes so lot of traffic problems. This happens may be once every couple of years.

Otpreka Singh said...

is there a River on Riverside Dr. ?

Prabhu Singh said...

Manjit Singh:
I don't know if there are any places that are at 1000 feet here, but if there is it probably doesn't get snow. Española is over 5500 feet, the mountains range from around 8000 to around 13000 feet.
I have a few of ideas in which the city could help S.E.V.A., but I don't know how much will be plausible. The city has a soup kitchen which is open once a week and each week is covered by a local church, so one church makes a meal every few weeks. I'd like to see the city fund this soup kitchen and employ some people so that it can be a full time operation (which is desperately needed). S.E.V.A. certainly couldn't run the soup kitchen but we could help organize it and help get the public behind the idea. Another idea which I would really like to see come to fruition is for S.E.V.A. to build a playground in my neighborhood. This a trailer park near where I live and an open field next to it. I find kids playing in that field despite there being pieces of metal and other debris that could be harmful. I've talked to some people in Española, including the owner of the trailer park and other well-established business people and government people and nobody's been able to tell me yet who owns the field. I'm hoping somebody in the city can help find out who and help us get permission to make a desperately needed playground or park or something.
Outside of S.E.V.A. I personally have some ideas for planning and development which I would like to see. Last time I spoke with Danielle she mentioned something to me about working with the planning and zoning, so I'll see what's in my future.

Otpreka Singh:
I'm guessing that when Española was even smaller you could probably see the river from Riverside, now you can't though. The river is the upper Rio Grande. We don't have the Ganges, but the Rio Grande is pretty sacred to a lot of people here.

Pritam Singh Khalsa said...

Wow I'm only at 50 ft and it snowed a little flurry here and north of San Fransico it snowed and stayed on the ground for hours, enough to cause a huge chain reaction accident with like 10 cars and a big rig.Sorry to say it was a fatal accident.God bless all. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh!

SikhsRus said...

Those are nice projects! It would be nice if you can post something as to how to start an organization like SEVA, get it registered and other do's and don'ts of various steps. May be I will get enough time and energy to help locally here one day. I would help even without having any formal organization, but it would be nice to actually start something with our Guru's names or something along Sikhi to create more awareness among community. An internet search kind of scared me off because it mentioned that in starting a non-profit organization, there is tons of paper work involved. May be you can shed some light thru your experience.

Prabhu Singh said...

When we go through the process of making S.E.V.A. a non-profit, we'll definitely write down the procedure. As of now, we aren't a non-profit, and we don't have any official documents. It's just 5 friends who get together think of a project and start working towards acheiving it. Once we've decided on a project we let the rest of the sangat know and hope that people will join us.