Monday, February 27, 2006

Still got material

For a man who has updated his blog just about everyday since he started (minus the weekends) I haven't taken any photos in a while. I guess I've already pictured a fair amount of my everyday life. This weekend I helped my brother at his house and did Ishnaan seva and went to Gurdwara and played ultimate frisbee. It was a great weekend, but I didn't take any photos. But I still have India pitures to release. I was wondering if anybody else thought that I should still have a lot of India photos. Well I still have a fair amount, including from my first plane ride from Albuquerque to Chicago. So here are a few more from the plane in the beginning of December, the first leg of my journey.
The whole plane ride had cool pictures. I already showed some cool photos from right after take-off. Then I got other cool mountain photos, including peaks that are in Colorado, then I got the following:
The circles and squares on the farms got more and more interesting as we went along. This photo is cooler when you click on it because you can see circles going on for miles.
Then for a long time we were above the clouds, with a lot of cool cloud patterns.
As we started to descend we went through the clouds, and it wasn't farm land that I saw again.
Well maybe it was farm land, but it was covered in snow. Somehow after I took this photo and we got nearer to Chicago, there was no more snow, I guess it had only snowed outside Chicago at that time.


Khalsa4ever said...

Wow, pretty cool!

ss said...

Cools pics.

I suspect I have a similar "problem" to you, too much material and not enough time to put it all up.

I accept that this "material" is probably only of relevance to myself and noone else is really that bothered, but everytime I write something a million other thoughts arise and I'm stuck in a tornado of tangental leaps that has just gets bigger and bigger.

And I won't even mention all the pictures :-)

Sikhi Seeker said...

Fascinating! Love that array of circles and squares...sweet!