Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Sandia Mountains

These pictures were from the plane as I was flying to Chicago before flying to Delhi. These mountains look ponderous from the Ground. In the city of Albuquerque you can always tell where East is because the mountains are there. To go from way below them, to right above them, was really cool.


Vicky Singh said...

WOW.. Really amazing pictures..
What ranges are these? or just random ordinary mountains?

Anonymous said...

hi thr like
i am a sikh from india just came here in usa in jan.. i was just going thru ur pictures and like i felt so happy so excited but on the same hand felt really bad coz i have never seen such bhakti and true guru love in india..... i really with alll my heart appreciate ur sincerity for the sikh religion and like wise this is my email add be free contact me
i just am amazed at all this...

i really wish that i am with u guys really

i am very happy

thanks for those feelings needed for my religion

Preet said...

Guruji's creation is beyond imagination.

Prabhu Singh said...

Again thanks everybody for the compliments, I do this blog for the enjoyment of others, so it's always nice to know people are enjoying it.
I could be wrong, but I believe that all the mountains in New Mexico are considered to be part of the Rocky Mountains. These particular mountains near Albuquerque are specifically referred to as the Sandia Mountains. Sandia is watermelon in Spanish because the mountains appeared red in the sunset to the Spanish. There is probably a similar reason for naming the Sangre de Cristo mountains (translated 'blood of Christ') which are in Northern New Mexico, east of EspaƱola. EspaƱola is surrounded by mountains on both sides. The Sangre de Cristo mountains in the east and Jemez mountains in the west.
South of the Sandias are the Monzano mountains, where the 4th of July Canyon is. I got some great photos in the archive from the 4th of July Canyon.
In Southern New Mexico there are the Gila Mountains where Turkey Creek is located (pictured in the archives). Also in Southern New Mexico are the Sacramento mountains, which I've only been in once and don't have pictures of.
According to Wikipedia the following mountain ranges exist in New Mexico. I've been in most of them, some I didn't even know they were called by these names (I don't think this is a complete list).
* Black Range
* Capitan Mountains
* Guadalupe Mountains
* Jemez Mountains
* Mogollon Mountains
* Nacimiento Mountains
* Organ Mountains
* Sacramento Mountains
* San Andres Mountains
* Sandia Mountains
* Sangre de Cristo Mountains
* Sierra Blanca

Sikhi Seeker said...

I'm amazed that you got such clear shots:)