Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Next installment from Parvinder Singh!

What Parvinder wrote about this picture:
Here is a picture of the front gate of “Akali Baag” in Amritsar (near to Akaal Thakat Sahib). This Baag (garden) is the property of sgpc and if you look at the picture it’s going to fall in any rainy
season. It’s made in old time and nobody is doing any care. As you can see the Nihang Singh are standing (statues) at the both sides of gate meaning they are Gardener of this beautiful Baag (world) to protect all the flowers belonging to this earth.


Otpreka Singh said...

i see the gate? but wheres the baag?

Sifar said...

There was a news item on that SGPC has decided to build a museum at the site where there was Guru-Ka-Bagh (Garder of the Guru). It also asks readers to write to SGPC not to destroy the Guru-Ka-Bagh where Guru Arjan Dev jee wrote the Barah Maha. We all should write to SGPC.