Thursday, February 02, 2006

Las Vegas Samagam

This year the Las Vegas Samagam is in February instead of October. I didn't know the date until the Albuquerque Samagam and I couldn't find any good deals on tickets. Tomorrow I'm driving out with Guru Jot and Joginder Singh (half of the Sikhnet staff). I'm wondering if anybody reading this blog will be able to make it?
I was planning to go to the Dallas Samagam, but Professor Surinder Singh's Ustad, Surjit Singh, is coming to EspaƱola that weekend. I'm going to be in a course with him and get a private lesson, so I couldn't pass up this once in a lifetime opportunity. Ah the Dilruba (the heart stealer) has stolen my heart. I'm not sure which Samagam I'll make next. If anybody knows of any other Samagams that aren't on the website ( but are near New Mexico I'd like to know.


Raminder Kaur said...

Waheguru Ji!

We are having a samagam in Florida March 3-5. Its not really near New Mexico, but we are having a samagam here after a long time! We would love to have you here!

Anonymous said...

Hey Prabhu,
If you want to see someone play heart touching Dilruba, it's Balwant Singh Namdhari. I heard him play with a Canadian Tabla prodigy named Rohan at Bhaini Sahib of Namdhari sect. Actually, don't waste time learning from visiting Gyanis or Ustads, go to india for a month every year to learn in Bhaini Sahib.
To clear, i'm not a Namdhari and not promoting their lifestyle, but the music they've is beyond the reach of us, if you want to call regualr sikhs. that's my best advice.

Angad Singh said...

the Dilruba stole my heart as well. I havent gotten one yet. Plan to buy one soon..

Surjit is awsome. I heard him play the sarangi here in was amazing..

btw most of balbir singh's and autar singh's recordings on my blog have the dilruba not the vaja.

guru rakaha

angad singh