Friday, February 10, 2006

Hoover Dam

A great feat of engineering!

I couldn't help myself I had to roll a penny down the dam. It was pretty cool, it started to roll then it hit something and went flying in the air. I think it fell the rest of the way (as opposed to rolling) but I'm not sure, because I couldn't see it after a while. Thanks to Joginder for providing the penny :-) Also I didn't get caught or kicked out hehe :-)


Anonymous said...

Do they let you go down nowadays?

twothreemedic said...

I loved those art deco angles....did you snap any pics of them??

Prabhu Singh said...

I don't believe you're allowed to go to the bottom of the dam, but I didn't ask.
Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of the angels. They are pretty cool though.

pavandeep said...


Vicky Singh said...

WOW WOW.. thats cool place !!