Thursday, February 02, 2006

A few more pictures from Anandpur Sahib

A random street Scene in Anandpur Sahib.
Food that we got at a restaurant. As far as I know this is the only restaurant near Keshghar Sahib, the rest are dhabas or carts. You can see I had a Dosa, which was good. Also pictured are spring rolls and a cheese sandwich. I noticed that pretty much every restaurant in India that offered 'non-Indian' food, offered Indian versions of 'non-Indian' food. For example everything on the menu Indian, American, Chinese, etc. had masala in it. The cheese sandwiches had paneer. The ketchup for 'french fries' was very strange at every place.
I went to a place in Amritsar called 'Pizza Point' (aka Pijja point), and the pizza was like every other place that claimed to have pizza. I thought with a name like Pizza point it might have real cheese. My advice, just don't order pizza in India.
Oh yeah, one more thing, if it is the winter time and mango is out of season, don't order a mango lassi. A few places that had mango lassi on the menu said 'it's out of season.' Most other places will just serve you lassi with unripe or funky-tasting mango. I kept thinking 'odds are if I order mango lassi at every place that will make it, I'll end up getting a good one.' The odds were bad, I ordered a lot of mango lassis and I never got a good one.
Anandpur Sahib at night.


Sifar said...

Bhai Prabhu Singh jee

You can have pretty close to western style pizza in Delhi. There are chains like Pizza Hut, Dominos and if you happen to know the first Indian fast food chain Nirula's (I worked with them for two yrs when I was in India), their pizza is not very western, but they use real mozeralla cheese. Even the at joints like Mc Donald in India serving a Big Mac will taste different as they cater to India taste and use lamb or goat meat patties instead of beef in thier burgers. And so is the case with Chinese, Greek and other food. They all will have Indian touch coz of the crowd they are catering to. Any food that is without spices and red chilly podwer is not as per Indian standards. lol...

As far as Mango lassi goes, when out of season, they use bottled mango concentrate of different companies so the lassi taste different at different places.

And you will be surprised to know why ketchup tasted funny. That's coz most places use cheap ketchup made out of mix of "Pumpkin" and tomatoes. And in India if you say cheese, they won't click your picture, they give you Paneer instead... lol.... thats what is paneer refered to as in India, Cheese....

Anonymous said...

I too had the same experience with ketchup at my inlaws home years ago. Turns out my mother made her own version of "ketchup" out of carrots. Healthy for sure but not quiet the same.