Monday, February 13, 2006

Cute kids

Last week at the kirtan program for Arjan and Gurumustuk there were a lot of the kids there. I get a lot of blurry photos of kids, but occasionally I get some good ones.
This is Ravijit Singh and his mother Guruprakash Kaur, who I've known my whole life.
Ravijit Singh again, I only managed to get his dad's (GuruDarbar Singh) beard and shoulder in this photo.
Narayan is so active he always manages to get his patka to come off. All he had to do was wait long enough until his Dad took his turban off and then...
I asked Narayan if I could take his photo, otherwise there was no way I was going to get a photo that wasn't blurry.


My of life Pictures said...

Great picture of my Little cousin i love that picture of Narayan how cute

Guru Meher Khalsa said...

Love the look on Guruprakash's face in the first photo. Great shots.

upinder kaur said...

Really cute kids!