Thursday, January 05, 2006


I have joked with people before that my blog shows photographic evidence of how good my life is. Sometimes people have a hard time believing that my life is real. I believe Guru Gobind Singh said that it is the duty of the Khalsa to be in Cherdi Kala. I take this duty seriously and I feel like it is my right. The Siri Singh Sahib (Harbhajan Singh Yogiji) said 'happiness is your birthright.' However, we must stand for our rights or they may get taken from us. In this country women weren't allowed to vote until they stood for that right. Minorities were treated unfairly, within the law, until the minorities stood for their rights. Standing for these rights was not easy and many people sacrificed a lot. Instant gratification, without hard work or sacrifice, is not standing for your right to be happy. It is failing to challenge yourself and satisfying the five thieves.
As Sikhs we are not meant to satisfy the feelings of lust, anger, greed, self-pride, and attachment, we are to regard those feelings as thieves that rob us of true happiness. Satisfying those feelings only allows them to grow, they become accepted and then they hurt you more. Greed for material wealth and possesions is so common, but who has found enlightment by owning the latest gadgets and fashions and the fanciest cars and houses? Some people may work very hard and sacrifice a lot for material wealth, but what happens when they gain that? They set their sights on something bigger, not God, but something more expensive.
The Guru has given us a formula for happiness. The Guru has given us a perfect life, this is called Dharma. Dharma is living righteously, steering the boat in the right direction. On page 17, line 14 of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib it says: "gur sar saagar bohitho gur tirath daree-aa-o." "The Guru is the Boat to carry me across the world-ocean; the Guru is the Sacred Shrine of Pilgrimage, the Guru is the Holy River." The Guru is the boat and the Guru's dharma is like the paddle. Deluded by doubt, people are using their hands to paddle in the opposite direction. Without the Guru people are drowning.
Dharma is the home of a Sikh, where the Sikh dwells. We are required to work hard, share our earnings, and remember God. This life is a fortress of strength and a beacon of hope for others. Can we build this fortress without a base? Sadhana is the base of Dharma. The stronger the sadhana the stronger the base and the stronger the fortress. Discipline is the foundation stone of the base. Nothing can be built if the foundation stone is laid and then removed. It is important to do at least one thing, no matter how small, every single day without fail. Whether you can do it in the Amrit Vela, or you can't do it until just before bed, something meaningful for your spirit must be done. As you build your sadhana you lay more stones in the foundation, and you will build the fortress (home) of Dharma to live in.
My blog is meant to reflect happiness and beauty which I find in my life. I feel like these should be found in everybody's life, it is your birthright. I claim this right through righteous living. I hope that all may be inspired to stand for their rights and live in happiness through Dharma by Guru's grace. WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa, WaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh!


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Hari Singh Khalsa said...

I'm glad you mentioned "self-pride", instead of just "pride", because I am definitely proud of you for writing this. You definitely achieved one of the ideals of the Khalsa, in writing this and that is acceptance. As we strive to uplift ourselves and others we must accept other people and their ways to god/religion. You can never help or uplift others by inflicting them with fear or guilt. By writing this post as a matter of fact you are showing others that it is your reality and that it is a good one. You are also helping those who are lost. You are not, however, inflicting anyone with consequences if they do not fully subscribe to this viewpoint. Very well done, this is the essence of Sikhism.
WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa, WaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh!

Anonymous said...

One of the best post you have posted on your blog. You are right on greed for material wealth and possesions. Material wealth can give only temporary satisfication. However, I think if you make lot of money and than spend it all on goodwill of humanity-than wealth can ultimately lead to true happiness. Basically working for humanity leads to happiness.
Thanks for the post!!!
Please do share your India trip pictures and any particular experience.

Heera Singh said...

very nice post..:).. hope ur enjoying ur stay in India... I'm so jealous rite now .. hehehe..:P... :)... take care..

Vaheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Jee Kee Fateh!!

Sat Simran Kaur said...

that was very inspirational
i loved that first part, about happiness being our birthright, that we should fight the thieves for like everything else - because its so true - and its nice to see it written so simply - because it is that simple - we just pretend its complicated
so thank you for reminding me whats important