Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Naina Devi

Last time I was in Anandpur Sahib I was intruiged by Naina Devi. I thought it was some town really far away and up in the Himalayas. To my surprise you can easily take a taxi up there and spend a morning or afternoon there.
In the taxi on the way up to Naina Devi. This guy was driving fast up a really windy road. He would honk when it was a blind curve. I guess if somebody else would have honked he might have slowed down.
Shivalik mountains? I know the Himalayas are in the background, and you could see snow on them.
Going up to the Mandir.
A lady with a snake. She didn't harass me, but other people were really bugging me to give them money or buy some lame product.
The lake with a name I've forgotten. I guess there's a famous dam also.
If you click on this picture and you look in the center on the right, you'll see a school yard with a bunch of kids lined up. The taxi driver said they were taking exams. I'm not sure why they do it outside and in lines? Also I didn't know if I felt sorry for the kids in the sun or in the shade. I would get sunburned in the sun and it was kind of cool in the shade.A monkey at the mandir.
The baby monkey had just jumped from the wire to the ledge when I took the photo. I was trying to get the monkey in mid-air.
The mandir. This was the first Mandir I'd ever been to. I'd been to India before and still I'd never been to a mandir. I just saw it and took a picture, there was nothing really drawing me to it. I only stuck around for about a minute. After this we visited a cave which smelled bad and didn't allow cameras. Also my camera broke at that moment. Since I updated this blog with pictures I took after this day while in India, it's obvious that I managed to fix my camera. It took me a few days though. The pictures I took at Guru ka Lahore are in my brother's camera which I will definitely like to post here. We went to Guru ka Lahore in the same evening as we went to Naina Devi. We even hired the same taxi and driver.
Finally the mischief of that crab caught up with me.


Satwindar Singh said...

Wahe Guru ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru ji Ki Fethe.

Hello there, I have been visiting this blog nearly regularly and just wanted to say that it's an amazing blog veer ji. All these pictures and words of inspiration... they're just beautiful. The pictures actually bring alot of beautiful memories back especialy Darbar Sahib's. Stay in Chardi Kala and keep up the good work.

Best Wishes
Satwindar Singh

Waheguru ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru ji Ki Fethe!

satnaam said...

You're pictures are absolutely amazing! Such clear quality. What kind of camera do you use?? Very impressive.

Prabhu Singh said...

I'm using a Nikon coolpix 4100.
It's 4 megapixels, but blogger always reduces the size of my images. It's not that great with action shots, but It's pretty good with most other shots. It's really good with scenery pictures.

Sikhi Seeker said...

With regards to your amazement over those kids taking thier exams in the open in lines: It's 'cuz it is easier to supervise them all in the opn, for there are no halls and everyone has the standard version of the test. It is also cuz they can me made to sit in lines at a considerable distance from each other - lowering the possiblity to cheat...lol

Parrot ck3100 said...

Excellent and heavenly!
I have not seen any such beautiful shrines since five years. You have refresh my visit of ambaji tirth place in gujarat. I am always eagar to visit such place but the same busy schedule don't allow me to visit such beautiful place. You are lucky and making us glad by visiting such place and uploading images of these holy places which I fell that i have personally visited this place.
I request you that whenever you visit such place please write something about it and some photos also so that visitors like me can also take Darshan from our office and home only.
Thanks for sharing such unique place.