Thursday, January 19, 2006

More from the samagam

Jai Inder Singh and Amar Singh, two Albuquerque residents and friends of my nephew.

Gurujot playing the dilruba. He sang and played really nice.

Doing kirtan.

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Sifar said...

You are very lucky that you are able to joint the sangat at these Samagams. I yearn to go to these samagams. I used to go there earlier but for last year and a half or so, I haven't been able to go. I hope you know that for Samagams through out the 2006, they have a web page detailing the schedule. In case you don't know the web address and for the benefit of visitors on your blog the web address is

Also to let other readers know, if they would like to go to any of these Samagams, you just call the local sevadars of that Samagam in the list on the web and they come pick you up at the airport, bus/train station, make necessary arrangements for your stay during the Samagam (at no cost to you), arrange for you local transportation to and from the Samagam veneu, drop you at airport, bus/train station when you are going back. During your stay you are showered with lots of love from the local sangat and the sangat attending the samagam from other cities.

Chardi Kala....