Thursday, January 26, 2006

Good friends

This is my good friend Hardeep Singh. In this picture he's talking to somebody on the third floor of their house.
This at an internet shop in Amritsar. Monu's shop doesn't look as 'high-tech' but I prefer it. This place has too many limitations for me. At Monu's shop I was able to upload pictures and use the computer for anything I wanted.
After the internet shop we saw people playing gatka near the Hari Mandir Sahib. Hardeep knew the guys and so he stopped to participate. They all have respect for Hardeep and they all wanted to spar him.


Anonymous said...

Thats the Reliance Web Cafe in Amritsar on Mall Road, They have the fastest internet in all of Amritsar. The staff is very friendly as well.

Anonymous said...

coold looks great with such a respecr from people of he town.