Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Friday night - away from the samagam

Note this post has pictures from an event separate from the samagam.
On Friday there was a get together at Sonia's (Jagjeet Kaur) house. It was the night before her wedding. Hari and I just jumped into Harveer's van as they were leaving for it. It was a fun time.
Daman made up a humorous story about how Jageet and Jagpal met while playing the drum and Japman and Heera accompanied him.
Hanging out.
I'm not sure what got in my shot, but this is Jagjeet allowing her mendi to dry.
Daman Singh and Heera Singh. I don't remember who the lightening fast figure is in the background.
Daman Singh and Hari Singh.
Hanging out, there are two Hari Singhs in this picture.
It was funny to hear Japman play the harmonium and not sing kirtan with it :-)
Japman Singh the Giant.
Gurpal Singh the giant.

I'm not sure what Daman was taking a picture of, but I thought this would be a good opportunity to take a photo of him.
In the van about to drive back to the Gurdwara.
Manjot Singh, probably wondering why I'm snapping photos.
Getting the ride situation figured out.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Going to India

Well I didn't let the cyber-sangat know that I was going to Louisiana until the day I got there. This time I'm giving you a little bit of a warning about my travel plans. On Friday I'm flying to India and I'll be there until the 30th. I'm flying in to Delhi and I'm planning to stay at a hotel, but last time I feel like I paid too much for the room. I was wondering if there is a nivas in Delhi? If anybody knows, please let me know.
I can hardly believe it, this will be my second time in India. I've spent 6 weeks there before and I'll spend 4 weeks this time. I probably won't get the chance to email people individually, so I'll try and keep my blog going.

Monday, November 28, 2005


Japman Singh and Heera Singh playing kirtan. Gursharan Singh sitting to the left.
In this picture you can see my brother and in the background is Japman Singh and Daman Singh.
Pictures of the sangat. You can see Sat Avtar Kaur, from the Louisana pictures, in this picture. She lives in LA and goes to UCLA.
People enjoying the samagam.
Hari Singh sitting behind the Guru.
Gurujot Singh playing kirtan. He played very well.
Close up.
Gagan Singh on the move.
This baby kept coming up to me and tapping me on the back. She's very cute. I do wish though that her parents would cover her head while in the Gurdwara. I don't know why it bothers me, but I saw a lot of little girls with their heads uncovered while sitting with the Sangat during the weekend. We tell people that they must remove their shoes and cover their heads while with the Guru, but we don't require it of babies?
The really cute kid from yesterday.

Langar pictures

Well I decided to just post photos in the order that I took them. I took some photos during Langar on Friday night. Some of them are blurry, but that's because people are moving.
Hanging out.
A cute kid, who kept staring at me while we were in Gurdwara. The blurr in this photo is a cup. Right when I was taking this photo Balbir, who was sitting next to me, took a drink of water.
This kid is so cute and he has a sister that is also so cute. I got another picture of him later and a picture of his sister.
Gagan and Gurpal talking business. In the forground is Akal.
Langar time.
Anothe langar photo.
Server's perspective.
A little kid who was serving napkins that was in full bana.
Amongst all the motion, sitting here is Neeraj.
This may have been the only photo I got of Amar, so I had to put it up.


The question really is... where do I start?
I got a bunch of great pictures this weekend. Eventually I'll have to post them all.

Friday, November 25, 2005

At the samagam

Gurpal Singh from LA.
Mandeep Singh from Oregon
Akal posing in front of the Gurdwara at night.
Inside the Gurdwara with Jaspal Singh sitting behind the Guru.
Simran Singh, Balbir Singh, and Hari Singh.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

In the room

Hanging out in the room.
Don't you wish you were here? The pool at the hotel and the Gurdwara near the hotel.


Santokh Singh a man from my distant past. When we got into the Gurdwara at 4:30 AM California time this morning. He was awake making roti with organic wheat flour. He remembered me and then I remembered him. He lived in Española for a little while in 1987.
Balbir Singh, a friend of Balwinder who we met up with here. He's planning to receive amrit this weekend.
The main hall, this morning. The samagam starts this evening.
Hari talking to Gurujot and Balbir.
The front of the Gurdwara in Buena Park California.

The trip yesterday

This is when I took over the driving. I only drove for an hour and fifteen minutes, but it was a tough shift because everybody else was sleeping from 2:15 to 3:30 AM.
A large piece of petrified wood at a gas station we stopped at near the petrified forest.
This is the picture I took after taking the picture below. Sita drove for almost half the trip.
The sunset as we were leaving, this is outside of Española.