Monday, October 31, 2005

Picture for Sat Pavan

These are some pictures I snapped a couple weeks ago after Ardas and DharamPal's wedding.
Panch Nishan was on her way somewhere, but Siri Chand told her that Sat Pavan reads my blog. So she joined in a picture.
Gurujot, Panch Nishan, and Siri Chand.
Nobody has to say it really, we already know, they look great!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Guru Gaddee Day

These are the pictures I took at the jaloose that we had last weekend.


Somewhere in this photo you can find Akal admiring the foliage.

Looking to the sky - Click on the pictures

The blue of the sky really contrasts with the other colors.

Everybody's got to remember to CLICK on the pictures, they are not good at a small size.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Firefighter for a night

Last night I looked out my back door and saw a glowing light. I thought somebody was trying to mess with me by driving into the field behind my property and pointing their headlights at my house. When I realized the source of light, I was pretty surprised. I called 911 right away and before the fire department got there I had my garden hose and was spraying the fire.
Appearantly somebody thought it would be very amusing to light my neighbor's condemned trailer on fire. Which sits literally 10 feet away from one side of mine. If the other side of the trailer was lit on fire, my place may have been on fire before I noticed the fire. Also my gas line is only about 12 feet from this trailer. Just to the right of what you can see in this picture is my place and the gas line. Also you can see that I had a pile of weeds along the fence line, which caught on fire. I was making pretty good progress with my hose, on putting out the weed fire and the trees between their trailer and my place, when the fire department got there and put out the fire in the trailer. I had to then spread my weed pile out, because there were embers that were still burning at the bottom of it. After spreading the weeds out some of the embers got enough oxygen to light more on fire and the fire fighters sprayed it for me again. The fire started around 9:00 last night. It was so hot standing there with my little garden hose, but I had to protect my place, and I think I did a good job.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005



This was a large Ponderosa pine. If you know me you probably know that I really like this tree and I always remind others that it smells like vanilla.
I was clearing some leaves with my foot thinking that it would be interesting to put a single leaf in the center of a cleared space. The space started to look like a maple leaf itself, so I went with it.

Monday, October 24, 2005

The 4th of July Canyon

This Saturday we made a trip that was 2 and a half hour drive from EspaƱola to a place called the 4th of July Canyon, a place that is filled with maple and oak trees which looks like New England in the fall, but it is right here in New Mexico.

This picture is for ISingh

Remember when I said that New Mexico has it all (including fall colors)? Here's the proof, I will be posting a lot of proof this week.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Las Vegas Smagam

Amar, Deva, and me.
Amar, he is a real cool guy. He was born Hindu, but has much love for Gurbani and seva. He married a really nice Sikh woman, Deepak, who also does nice seva.
Hari Singh (my brother) and Harveer Singh from L.A.
Amar, Deva, and me again.
Sarmanjit Singh on the left, and Raminder Singh on the right, both are awesome guys. Sarmanjit is the first Punjabi guy I met that is whiter than me :-)
Harsharan, paramjot, and Avneet Singh. These kids are really cool.
Gursharan Singh, the twin brother of Harsharan, some of the best teenagers you'll meet.
More sangat
These two kids were sooo cute. I could tell right away that they were brother and sister. The brother was pushing the sister on the swing set. In this picture he is really curious why I'm taking his picture. After this shot he told his sister and they were both looking at me like I'm strange :-) I guess I can't help snapping photos of cute kids.
Balwinder Singh, one of a kind!
Harsharan Singh.
I took some of these photos just by pointing the camera in different directions. I don't really wish to distract people (or myself) by moving around to take pictures. This picture of Gurujot has my right arm in it.
Doing seva in the kitchen.
Gursharan, Avneet, and Paramjot Singh. Again, really great kids.
A random image of Jaspal that I got again just by pointing my camera in different directions.
Another cute kid.
The sangat again.
Jagjit (Sonia) a really nice girl from L.A. who is getting married to Jagpal at the November samagam. Gurpal Singh another cool guy from L.A. Jagjit had just called Jagpal when I took this picture because he was still in L.A. and she was trying to convince him to still come (this was Saturday evening).
A kid that was running around and making mischief every where he went. He was cute and real smart, but did not follow the directions of any adults. He really wanted to take a picture with my camera so he got this picture of himself.
Balwinder, Jaspal (the host for the Las Vegas samagam), and Gurujot Singh, just before we left.

Venetian and Caeser's Palace, etc...

This was a pretty elaborate sculpture.
I guess this is Athena?

Does anybody remember that movie 'Beavis and Butthead?' Hehe, huhuh, hehe, huhuh
Caeser himself. I just now noticed some midget or something on the right leg.
They said this was actual size, but there's no way, I'm not almost as tall as Michael Jordan. He's 6'6 and I'm 5'9. With my shoes and turban though I'm about 6 feet. I REALLY don't like Michael Jordan.
Hari's having a conversation with Whoopie Goldberg.
Opera singers in the lobby of the Venetian.
A 'fresco' on the ceiling. I don't know if it is real or not.
I guess this is why they call it the Venetian.
It looks like day time at night as well, supposedly. I wasn't there at night so I don't know.
This guy stood there like a statue and occasionally moved. I wasn't that impressed, it contributes nothing to society.

A statue inside the 'Tao' nightclub which was pretty elaborate. The nightclub had a lot of ads throughout the city with a naked woman, who was just barely covered by graphics, with the caption 'religious night life.'
This wasn't the only woman in a wedding dress that we saw. I though this shot was artistic; either a newlywed couple or a couple about to get married standing in a city which celebrates debauchery under a sign that says 'THE MIRAGE.' Good luck to this couple they might really need it.

A big variety of fish were in this tank.
I was trying to get a picture of the fish in the top right, which is a really big fish. There were two in that tank.