Wednesday, December 07, 2005

some pictures so far

Hari and Sita sitting on the Parkarma.
The Hari Mandir Sahib!
This is the spot where Guru Teg Bahadur was beheaded. This is in the Sees Ganj Sahib Gurdwara in Delhi.
This is an ad for the place I'm sitting at right now.


Anonymous said...

Second picture of darbar sahib can't be described in words!

BBI said...

what a view in the first photo!!!

i do hope that you are finding peace at Harmandir Sahib.

Guru Fateh

Anonymous said...

Hey Prabhu -

Thanks for posting the pictures. They are awesome!!!


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing the pics veerji. makes me feel like i'm at harimandir sahib too. pretty cool. have a great trip and definitely keep us posted hehe :) are you planning on going to kesgarh sahib in anandpur? if so, please please please take a TONNNNN of pictures and put them on your blong. thankkk you.

Sikhi Seeker said...

Yes! rightly said all. Second picture cannot be summed up in words. Saw it once, then twice, then just made it the background for the desktop :) Thank you Prabhu ji - i felt like i was there for a moment!
God bless...enjoy your trip!

Rajveer and Guru Jaswant said...

Prabhu, Look us up if you are travelling back via Singapore. We will be away in Malaysia from 15-28 Dec, tho.
It looks blissful and I miss India and the Darbar Sahib when I see these pics.
Enjoy your trip and my love to Hari and Sita.
Take care,
Guru Jaswant (

Anonymous said...

SSA Prabhu!!
U seem bit slow these days in india. Any bad experience yet??
Be positive man.

Anonymous said...

Good Pictures.
Please post some more pictures of Darbar Sahib.


ਿੲਕ ਿਸੰਘ said...

please please take more pictures like the last one of "cyber net"! please!!!!!...and next time include the locals!

and yes, a very good pic of Har Mandir Sahib!

amardeep singh said...

Gur Fateh!

Veer Prabhu Singh,

Great pics of Gurdwara Sahib Sis Ganj Sahib, I remember it like yesterday when I was blessed Khanda Da Amrit at this holy site a few days before Guru Maharaj's Shaheedi Purb.

Glad to see things are going well in India, great picture and Akal Sahai!

Your Bro,

Amardeep Singh, UK.