Thursday, December 01, 2005

Rest of the samagam pictures

Gursharan Singh playing tablas, Satya Singh playing kirtan.

This was another shot where I didn't feel like moving I was just pointing the camera in different directions and pushing the button. You can see my right arm in this photo.

Remember the super cute kids? Here is Navjot Singh playing the harmonium and his sister Baljot Kaur singing with him. It was so cute, they did so well. There voices were really high, but it was still nice.
Switching, now Baljot Kaur is playing and Navjot Singh is singing with her.
You know how I love kids.
The fountain in front of the Gurdwara.
The sunrise from our room on the morning we left. I guess the window needed to be cleaned. I didn't wake up until about 4:45 and so I missed the simran because I had to wait for the bathroom to take my cold shower and then I did Sat Kriya for 31 minutes before going to the Gurdwara.


Anonymous said...

Can you explain, what do you call sat kirya?

Anonymous said...

wow 31 mins...

i can't seem to do more than 3mins... then im tired :(

Q: when you do Sat Kriya you pull the navel in but how tightly do you apply the other 2 root locks?
because someone said u ONLY pull the navel in and the other 2 are applied automatically... but iv done it the other way i apply all 3 and now when i only pull the navel in it seems like im not doing it properly...any help? which ways right?