Monday, November 28, 2005

Langar pictures

Well I decided to just post photos in the order that I took them. I took some photos during Langar on Friday night. Some of them are blurry, but that's because people are moving.
Hanging out.
A cute kid, who kept staring at me while we were in Gurdwara. The blurr in this photo is a cup. Right when I was taking this photo Balbir, who was sitting next to me, took a drink of water.
This kid is so cute and he has a sister that is also so cute. I got another picture of him later and a picture of his sister.
Gagan and Gurpal talking business. In the forground is Akal.
Langar time.
Anothe langar photo.
Server's perspective.
A little kid who was serving napkins that was in full bana.
Amongst all the motion, sitting here is Neeraj.
This may have been the only photo I got of Amar, so I had to put it up.


Harpreet kaur said...

hey no you were in a conversation and i didn't wanna interupt, plus i wasnt really sure if it was you or not till i came home and saw the interview Gurmustak singh ji posted. it was a really nice smagam, always love how everyone does kirtan. next time you come here i'll introduce myself to ya. =)

Amar said...

It was nice to see you at LA. Deepak and I really enjoyed the Smagam. We will definitely see you in Albuquerque, NM. We have already started planning the trip with Jaspal, Raj and rest of Vegas sangat! Oh, and thanks for putting up my are making me famous - single-handedly! :)

Hari Singh Khalsa said...

In an effort to try and remember some of the names that I learned at this Samagam and to correct Prabhu, I'm going to comment on a few of the pictures above.

In the first picture the one to Gurpal's right is Premdeep Singh. In the second picture the kid's name is Gur Sajjan Singh and his Dad is Rabindra. I learned his older sister's name and maybe his mom's name as well but I already forgot. They're from the bay area.
In the third picture the boy is sitting next to his mother (I'm mostly sure). But I do know one thing for sure and that is that he actually has two sisters, one older who is in green and you can see the bottom of in the left of this picture and one younger sister. They are all three adorable.

Dervinder Singh said...

Nice pictures veer jee.....Did u take any from the Keertan programme or amrit vela programme??....please post em....ecspecially from the rheansbhai ones....and one more...tell us about rheansbhai!! :D(sorry for to many requests...:P)
Guru Ang Sang...

Prabhu Singh said...

I didn't take any pictures from the Amrit vela program for a couple reasons. It is usually pretty dark during the morning simran, and I don't want to disturb everybody with the flash and when reading the banis I'm trying to read along. Often times I feel like I'm disrupting other people or myself, when taking pictures in the Gurdwara. When I remember to actually take pictures during the kirtan, I'll usually just point the camera in random directions from where I'm sitting. If I get a good picture that's cool, otherwise I'm not really into moving around and trying to get good shots while in the Gurdwara.
Actually they don't usually have a rehansabi at the samagams. Usually the kirtan program ends around 9:30 PM and then the morning session starts at 5:00 AM.