Monday, November 21, 2005


After Gurdwara on Sundays some of us go out to the sports (battle) field to play ultimate frisbee.
This is right after a game and before the next. We are taking a short water break. This is Kuldeep, who took the rest of these photos.
I'm guarding my brother, you can see I'm standing to one side of him, because I'm trying to 'force' him to throw in the other direction. The rest of my team is guarding the other direction. The 'force' is a very key principle in this game.
The throw-off. After a point is scored the teams line up across from each other on the goal lines and the team that just scored throws off to the other team.
In this picture I'm waiting for my brother to 'tap' the disk so the game can resume. If there is a foul the game halts and the disk goes back to the thrower. As the sun started going down even Hari had to put on long sleeves. Its been real cold here at night, but we've had a few warm days in the last few weeks. It was probably close to 60 F yesterday during the day.
Dr. Kartar with the disk, indicating where he wants the receiver to be. This must be after a turn-over because he seems to be walking the disk up to the line. You're not allowed to walk with the disk in this game, except on turn-overs that happen in the endzone or throw-offs that go out of bounds. In case of a turn-over in the endzone you can walk the disk up to the front line of the endzone.


Mohinder Singh said...

Mr. Prabhu Singh Ji !!!
Sat Shri Akal ji !!

I know you love nature and don't get tired of taking pictures. I share the same hobby. I like your blog and all the pictures you post here. Did you goto school at MPA? I liked your interview at Gurumustak Singh's site. I am from Rochester, NY and goto college in Utica, NY. Yesterday I met a 3HO guy but unforunatly He is not singh anymore. He recognized me said SSA because I wear turban and uncut dhadhi. That's when he told me that He was a sikh for 6 years before he gave up on it. He was in rush so I could not asked him why though. I see pictures lot of sikhs there in your city. Have you ever felt negtive thoughts coming to your head telling you to go unsikhi way? All you SINGHS AND KAURS rock there in Espanola. Really well dressed in Bana and always in Chardhi kalan !! I think you are computer scientist. Am i right? what are you hobbies? what do you find hard in sikhism? Were you born sikh or you converted later? sorry asking you lot of questions. As I don't see lots of comments left in your blog, you won't mind reading my long messageand than answering my queries. I was marriage AD in Gurumustak Singh's blog.. have you heard anything from any SINGHNI yet? what else is happening at your end? how's the weather? Getting cold here in upstate new york. Ok veere !! I will leave you with this and hope to read response soon !! Bole So Nihaal, Sat Shri Akal !!! Bye

Mohinder Singh said...

sorry made lot of mistakes in message before. I wanted to say, " I was marriage Ad in Gurumustak's Blog"

Mohinder Singh said...

hahahhahahahhhahahhahhaha man I cannot type..made mistake again. I wanted to say, "I saw marriage AD for you"

Anonymous said...

I went and played ultimate frisbee once while I still lived in NM...good times!

It's crazy seeing pics of that field...I dont miss going to school there, hehe ;)

Keep up the good pics!

Anonymous said...

Oops, above comment is from me :)

Prabhu Singh said...

I never attended school in India. MPA was founded my last year of high school.
I was born a Sikh. It was a difficult path as a child. I faced torment and abuse in many forms. I had a nice family life, and I found great peace at the Gurdwara. I'm sure when I was a child I thought about cutting my hair, but I also realized that I was still a different race than all my other class mates and so I would still be riducled even if I did abandon this beautiful roop. I rarely had thoughts telling me to go away from Sikhi, and I never had thoughts telling me to go completely away from the Sikh Dharma, even when times were the worst. Since I received Amrit I certainly have not had any thoughts that would lead me away from Sikhi.
I am a computer scientist, I have a bachelors and a masters in Computer Science and I'm done with school for good. I have learned so much more through meditation than I could ever learn in a 'traditional' school. My hobbies include so many things, just about everything that has ever crossed my path. I really enjoy doing physical activities like sports, hiking, climbing, skiing, snowboarding, acrobatics, etc. My most passionate hobbies are Sikh related. I meditate and read my banis everyday, I'm always trying to learn more about Sikhi. I really enjoy playing Kirtan, I'm currently learning to play the Dilruba. I like to learn gatka and shaster vidiya, though I don't know too much of either (more of gatka). I enjoy arts and creating art. I enjoy working around my house and working on my cars. I enjoy spending time with the sangat. I feel like my purpose in life is to do seva, so I guess I could say that is also my hobby.
I don't find anything in Sikhism hard. This is a path to perfection and infinite bliss. What is hard is duality. You can either accept perfection and bow your head in reverence to the creater or you can follow the ever-tricky mind and ego of self. I have not mastered my mind, but I have given my head to the Guru, who is the perfect knower of God. The more doubts one has, the more challenging life is. I cannot attempt to follow the Guru's path and doubt or second-guess it at the same time.
The weather here has mostly been cold. Though this weekend it got pretty warm (60's) during the day time. It is between 10-35 at night. We haven't gotten any snow yet in the valley, though there is snow in the mountains.