Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Friday night - away from the samagam

Note this post has pictures from an event separate from the samagam.
On Friday there was a get together at Sonia's (Jagjeet Kaur) house. It was the night before her wedding. Hari and I just jumped into Harveer's van as they were leaving for it. It was a fun time.
Daman made up a humorous story about how Jageet and Jagpal met while playing the drum and Japman and Heera accompanied him.
Hanging out.
I'm not sure what got in my shot, but this is Jagjeet allowing her mendi to dry.
Daman Singh and Heera Singh. I don't remember who the lightening fast figure is in the background.
Daman Singh and Hari Singh.
Hanging out, there are two Hari Singhs in this picture.
It was funny to hear Japman play the harmonium and not sing kirtan with it :-)
Japman Singh the Giant.
Gurpal Singh the giant.

I'm not sure what Daman was taking a picture of, but I thought this would be a good opportunity to take a photo of him.
In the van about to drive back to the Gurdwara.
Manjot Singh, probably wondering why I'm snapping photos.
Getting the ride situation figured out.


Anonymous said...

Fateh jee,

thank you for sharing your experience with pavitar,pyaree sangat....Vaheguroo's jee's sangataan are beyond beautiful.

some of the Gursikh's in your pics, i know them personally, esp daman singh.

Vaheguroo Vaheguroo Vaheguroo....

Anonymous said...

so who are you anonymous?