Tuesday, November 15, 2005


This Saturday I went to a football game at the Sun bowl stadium at UTEP in El Paso.

They have the Khalsa colors of orange and blue!

An animation on the screen with the mascot.
Some fireworks they did before the game.
UTEP shut out Texas Southern, I think it was 45 to 0.
The band stands out in white.


Siri Dyal said...

it looks alike to the stadium of university city of the UNAM in Mexico .... who was your favorite team??? .... did it win????.... well! perhaps you can teach them .... you are good!!!!!!!!!!!!

xSHANTIx said...

jeez i love american football...i used to go to the game every weekend..but i havent been for like a year now! I dont think the season starts till next spring now ahhhhh!!!