Friday, November 25, 2005

At the samagam

Gurpal Singh from LA.
Mandeep Singh from Oregon
Akal posing in front of the Gurdwara at night.
Inside the Gurdwara with Jaspal Singh sitting behind the Guru.
Simran Singh, Balbir Singh, and Hari Singh.


Anonymous said...

Is your Guru an Object?

f not, then why the "the" Before Guru Ji...?

Prabhu Singh said...

All this time you thought about why people use the word 'the' in front of Guru, you could have been remembering God's name. Which is more worth your time?
P.S. I speak English, that's how I say things.

Harpreet kaur said...

ok so i love the pictures you post and basically all your posts, and i saw you this weekend at the buenpark gurdwara and i was like i've seen him before and now i know where lol that took me a while. its like you're a celebrity to me as are all the people who blog.

Sikhi Seeker said...

'The' is an article of distinction, unlike the other two articles: a and an. The marks something/someone who is unique. Satguru - there is only ONE, and none other. HE is THE Guru!

hope it helps :)

Prabhu Singh said...

Sikhi seeker said it right. Guru Nanak was 'the' Guru and the Siri Guru Granth Sahib is 'the' Guru. This is not the blog for anonymous nit-picking.
If you believe in something and wish to convey that belief to me, then stand up and give your name as well. There is no power of conviction if you cannot even identify yourself.
I may agree with you and I may not. If I don't agree with your belief then the matter should be resolved. The resolution being: you believe in something, I believe otherwise.

Anonymous said...

hey prabhu, i was wandering if you have any more pics from the smagam from this weekend.
wjkk wjkf (dil)