Thursday, October 06, 2005


When are you all coming to visit?


mkaur73 said...

Veer Ji,

How do you get these statistics??

Prabhu Singh said... has free statistics. There is a link at the bottom of my blog.

vs said...

we will come to visit when you invite us ;)

Anonymous said...

What do the green and reds dots represent?


Prabhu Singh said...

You're all invited!
The only tough part is that not all can stay with me :-)
Probably very few or none would really be interested in staying at my place. I'm the only Sikh in my neighborhood and it's not the type of neighborhood people who've seen my blog would be expecting. I show a lot of nice things on my blog and that is why I haven't put any pictures of my neighborhood.
Someday I will have a really big and nice house and you can all stay with me (unless I'm married by that point and my wife says no :-). Until then I can help people find accomodations.
So come and visit. I can guarantee that you will have a great time!

Prabhu Singh said...

The red dot is the last visitor and the green dots are among the last 10 visitors. Even though this map was from a few weeks ago it looks very similar to the current statistics. Today I've had one viewer from Chile and one from Israel. I usually get a lot of visitors from the US, Canada and UK, and several from Singapore, Malaysia, India, Australia, Mexico and other parts of Europe.

Hari Singh said...

Thanks for asking, its very kind of you – But, I think you should first come to the UK and examine the red dot on your map and see if it is safe to have guys from here as there seems to be some sort of problem here with this red dot (may a terrorist alert or some sort of advance warning - hot spot) and then if everything is OK, all of us from the UK will come and visit Espanola during January/February when it get cold here. How that for a counter-offer!

Sat Pavan Kaur said...

Hey prabhu,
I wanted to tell you that I love your blog, I'm the white dot in Amritsar:).

I'll go and visit in the Summer, but I'll see you when you visit us here in India.

Hope is all going great.
Do you have any pictures or comments about the year anniversary of the passing of Yogui Bhajan's activities in Espanola?

I saw the pictures of the wedding last sunday on Gurumustukhs blog, it awesome to travel there so easily... You were on them looking very smart!

See you soon.
Keep up

Harpreet Singh Gill said...

2012 22nd December

Prabhu Singh said...

Hey Harpreet I was thinking about you when I wrote this post. That's way too long!
Well okay maybe I was thinking about others as well, but you got to come here sooner.
I think actually I'm going to have to go to the UK soon. The problem is I'm going to India in December and I'm using more than a year's worth of vacation accrual. So I'll have no vacation time to go any where for a while after that.
I'm sure we'll meet at some point though. Then the world will have to watch out! :-)

Prabhu Singh said...

Hey Sat Pavan, it's totally cool to hear from you, and I can't wait for India. It's starting to settle in now that I'm actually going. I'm very excited, only my second time!
I hope you are doing great and feeling great and loving everything and everybody (as usual)!
WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa, WaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh!

Prabhu Singh said...

Well Hari Singh the counter offer seems cool, though I should let you know it is probably colder here in January/February.
Well the red dot just means somebody from the UK was the most recent visitor to my blog when I got that map. I think you guys from the UK are pretty safe. It is probably more reasonable for you guys to worry about visiting me. There's a reason I live alone and nobody comes to visit me. It's not me, by the way, people tell me to visit them. It's probably because all my windows and doors have metal around them and I lock my gate so that you have to park on the street and jump my fence if I'm not expecting you. I have a bit of security measures in place. They were costly, but worth it considering I haven't been robbed since the bars went up.
Any way I've gone off topic. The point is to come to Española. Just like any where else there's some rough places, but you don't need to worry about it, we're safe here.

Kāur said...

I really want to visit you guys in Española; the Gurdwara, the Sangat, and the area - everything seems amazing. I’m hoping I get to visit next Summer (June/July 2006).

I can’t wait to experience a Diwan at the Gurdwara there.

Also, Prabhu Singh – loving the blog.

manpreet kaur said...

Sat Nam!

I doubted a lot, but i made my choice now. The choice was going to Amritsar or going to Espanola.
I felt i had to go to Amritsar once more. But i hope, i really hope one day i can make a trip to Espanola. It will be wonderful to be in a place where one blends in the others, where one is not the one odd out.
Thank you for the invitation! When you are over visiting Europe i will gladly shelter you.


i will be in Amritsar in November!! Pretty soon, hé!

Vicky Singh said...

HAHA.. thats nice Prabhu.. Okay heres deal.. If i or maybe hitch my couple of LA friends and heads toward NM in future, then i am pretty much sure that we gonna bunk in your place ;) (thats for sure after reading your invitation). After that we will sure expect the same from you. California is REALLY nice place to visit and our youth network is huge and we can really chill out!

Can you pls let me know when is the best time to visit you & Balwinder bruv too.. (i think he is there till Nov.) Any Sikh event happening in and around your place ? If we get a time away from skool and stuff then most likely we will be coming from California by road ! Will be in touch with you singh  Love your blog.. Always cool pictures to see..