Thursday, October 20, 2005

Venetian and Caeser's Palace, etc...

This was a pretty elaborate sculpture.
I guess this is Athena?

Does anybody remember that movie 'Beavis and Butthead?' Hehe, huhuh, hehe, huhuh
Caeser himself. I just now noticed some midget or something on the right leg.
They said this was actual size, but there's no way, I'm not almost as tall as Michael Jordan. He's 6'6 and I'm 5'9. With my shoes and turban though I'm about 6 feet. I REALLY don't like Michael Jordan.
Hari's having a conversation with Whoopie Goldberg.
Opera singers in the lobby of the Venetian.
A 'fresco' on the ceiling. I don't know if it is real or not.
I guess this is why they call it the Venetian.
It looks like day time at night as well, supposedly. I wasn't there at night so I don't know.
This guy stood there like a statue and occasionally moved. I wasn't that impressed, it contributes nothing to society.

A statue inside the 'Tao' nightclub which was pretty elaborate. The nightclub had a lot of ads throughout the city with a naked woman, who was just barely covered by graphics, with the caption 'religious night life.'
This wasn't the only woman in a wedding dress that we saw. I though this shot was artistic; either a newlywed couple or a couple about to get married standing in a city which celebrates debauchery under a sign that says 'THE MIRAGE.' Good luck to this couple they might really need it.

A big variety of fish were in this tank.
I was trying to get a picture of the fish in the top right, which is a really big fish. There were two in that tank.


Anonymous said...

OOh, I happen to LOVE the 'performers' who stand still/act as statues. I have a couple pictures from New Orleans from a few years back, of some really good ones. The first guy I saw doing it actually faked me out ;)

And that cloud-ceiling is too neat!


Sat Purkh Kaur Khalsa said...

What's your problem with MJ? A basketball fan takes notice....As for Beavis and Butthead, it's good to see you have a healthy sense of humor :-D

Prabhu Singh said...

Yeah I shouldn't be so harsh, the smiles that he gets may be a lot to the society around him. I appreciate art, this just isn't my thing. I also got faked by a guy in Zurich when I first saw it.

Anonymous said...

Thats sad about the Hindu statues in nightclubs. I'm sure they would be upset seeing this, just like we wouldn't like to see pics of our Guru Ji's in an inapropriate place.

Prabhu Singh said...

Yeah I didn't even think about that. It's actually in a seperate small room, which looks like a little sanctuary. So I didn't think too much of disrespect because it kind of seemed like a little place to get away from the nightclub. Also on the poster, which I haven't shown here, there is a picture of a statue of Buddha next to the naked woman sitting cross-legged. The whole thing seems like a mockery.

Prabhu Singh said...

My problem with MJ is that he is the worst capitalist, he always cared way too much about making money, and not much else.
Also it has a little to do with my childhood and being different than everybody else in so many ways and being ridiculed for each of those differences. Not having Michael Jordan's shoes added to my problems making it the final injustice.
Though I should note that I wouldn't buy $200 dollar shoes for kids who are just going to ruin them anyway.

Sikhi Seeker said...

So, the last comment of yours explains a bit....cuz this post had got me wondering about the sting throughout my read...but i think it makes sense now...

As for MJ...I really liked him as a child...i played basketball at state levels and i needed a bigger hero..he was the most easily accessible in india :P (sounds resurfaced...but easy access is a big seller...u know that)

Those guys like statues and the statues like guys...both very interesting. I saw my first guy like statue in my trip to Montreal...and he struck me with awe. Here is a man, who is trying to conceal his life - adding robotic motion to him, every now and then...this man intrigues me to the core, as to why? What leads a man to degrade himself to something as lifeless? It triggers several possible reasons and then i begin to like him and appreciate his "job" through which he entertains people (public goodness of his work), feeds himself, and possibly runs a family!

I'm too emotionally carried away now, thinking of the guy I i'll close on the note, that the pictures are beautiful! Lots and lots and lots of stuff to talk about them...maybe later :)

Anonymous said...

It's true, Eastern religions/philosophies have most definitely made it into the main-stream world (same with yoga becoming so popular over the years).
I highly doubt it's a mockery (and I think it's neat to see people expanding and getting interested in different cultures), but it's not really the place for such things, and I doubt most people fully/really understand what the statues stand for (that's the part that bugs me).
But hey, what can you do? I'm sure it's just a phase, and it will probably/hopefully pass eventually.


Prabhu Singh said...

Yeah it is cool that people are opening up to other cultures. I don't think either that it is meant to mock. It feels like a mockery, because the nightclub promotes a hedonistic lifestyle, and uses sacred symbols to draw people into the place. It shows insesitivity in a big way. The Buddhists haven't done anything to offend the people who club, they haven't taken anything of those people and put it in a place that offends them, so it should be reciprocated.

Anonymous said...

Careful w/ your choice of words; hedonism is simply 'pursuit of pleasure'. Who's to say all the people in the club are going about that in a "sinful" way?
Personally, I wear my OM pendant and Hanuman ring as always (Hinduism being my prime spiritual influence), when I go out to a club and drink...and thats in no way disrespectful. You can be enlightened and live a good-doing lifestyle, yet still go out to a club (whether you partake in drinking or not). Plus, unlike Sikhism, there's no 'rule' in either Hinduism or Buddhism that says you cant consume alcohol (as long as you stick to the principle of moderation), it's a personal choice.

I do agree that alot that goes on in Las Vegas goes against what the principles of all three religions/philosophies are all about, but it's not really disrespectful. Insensitive & unthoughtful, YES. Well put!
But like I said, the fact that everybody doesn't fully understand the meaning of the statues, or what goes along with it/them is bothersome (they just think its neat to look at (which is fine too, but it's not the place for them, b/c it's not what they're truly meant for).

0k, sorry for the novel length reply, but I thrive on conversations like such :)
And I haven't forgotten about your email, I'll reply soon!


Prabhu Singh said...

Since this has turned into a conversation, I'll respond again. Nearly every pursuit that is not the pursuit of union with God is the pursuit of pleasure. I'm not the judge of what is a sin or isn't. It would be distracting and unproductive for me to judge the actions of others based on the way I live my life. All religions are essentially built on the pursuit of God. Most religions find the vices on this earth to be difficult on a religious path. From my perspective (just my simple perspective) clubbing is meant for the pursuit of pleasure. It is used by some to satisfy their vices. There are no "needs" that are fulfilled within these places. The practice of meditation, honesty, and charity are common amongst most all religions. These are not the purposes of clubs, in my opinion. Most religions also teach that you must fill your life with the actions of meditation, honesty and charity, to truly understand them. And that the actions that take you away from that focus will just create problems and duality.
I've got nothing against people who go to clubs, or anybody else really, and if I did it would be my problem to deal with, not theirs. My perspective belongs to me alone. What I consider right or wrong is for my own development. For me the pursuit of pleasure leads no where. True pleasure would be mukti (liberation/union), all other pursuits will lead to pain eventually.

Anonymous said...

It's very true that people try to fill a void (or multiple voids) in their lives w/ clubbing or other party-like activities; I dont believe this is the answer for fulfillment at all.
I agree, I'm not saying it's a way to get that kind of satisfaction...going out and dancing @ clubs doesn't even come CLOSE to the feeling meditation (or yoga) brings! Now going out and dancing in the middle of the desert is a different story, but I've always found spiritual solace in dancing :)
I know what you mean for drinking, I *firmly* believe moderation is key...and I believe it is possible to keep a sense of clarity, when not over-done.

I feel I should make it clear that I definitely fill my life with meditation, honesty and charity...and am the honest, caring person I always am, no matter what my environment. For me, going out to clubs doesn't work against living an enlightened/spiritual lifestyle though, it's about going out to dance & have fun (and it just so happens all the music/ dj's I enjoy are only at clubs). Obviously this isn't true for everyone who goes out, like the ones there just to "party", but no matter where you go (not just clubs), there's always going to be many different kinds of people.
What I find to be so beautiful, is seeing the people bonding on the dance floor, those are the people I surround myself with and like to see out (the ones that do find that deeper level in dance & music).

So I guess I'm about balance between pursuit of union w/ God/Goddess, and pursuit of pleasure. I believe both can be obtained truly!

Anonymous said...

Obviously that was me up above ;)