Wednesday, October 19, 2005

More Las Vegas pictures

One of the legs of the Eiffel tower was inside the casino. You'll also notice a facade in the background that, I guess, is supposed to look like Paris.
Gurujot, Balwinder, and Hari in front of the (fake) Eiffel tower.
A replica of the Arc de Triomphe.Gurujot, Balwinder and Hari with a full view of the Eiffel tower replica.
A strange mural inside Alladin.
A random fountain.
There were excalators outside. Also you'll notice an ad with a showgirl. I don't know how people can bring children here. As soon as you step off the plane there are advertisements all over the place with scantily clad women and men as well.
Caeser's palace (click on this picture to fully appreciate it).
A random shot of Vegas.
The only Elvis impersonator I saw.

Yeah this is my castle :-)
I want this massive work of art in front of my future palace.
Even the statue of Liberty has made it to Vegas.

Really? I had to take a picture. I can't imagine anybody is going to this show.

This shot was taken from the car as we were leaving Las Vegas to go to the airport. It's the New York sky line.
The pyramid.
This building looked pretty cool at this time of day, with the sun shinning on it.


Sikhi Seeker said...

You can name this last building: "Yellow Gold", as I names mine "White Gold"...the one from the downtown Toronto pictures :P

I like the planning for your new castle ;)

David Spade show - hilarious!

And you wore a Kurta Pyjama - interesting and wonderful! You are a true Khalsa...fearless of attention...hats off to you!!!

Anonymous said...

whats next siri harmandar sahib ji ha ha ha