Tuesday, October 18, 2005


The entry way.
Some art on the ceiling in one area.
The other dudes in front of the conservatory.
The conservatory. The apples were fake but the flowers were real. The flowers were real nice.
More inside the Bellagio.
Check out how high the water goes.

Here the water went so high it looks higher than Caeser's palace in the background.

At the end of Friday we were picked up at the Bellagio to go to the samagam. We hung out at this fountain.
We got a little bored and Hari realized that the spigots would change direction so we aimed the water in different directions. At the time it seemed pretty funny, especially since there were so many "uptown" kind of people and staff hanging around nearby. Gurujot tried to spray us and I ended up getting soaked.


Anonymous said...

Hey Prabhu- awesome pictures!!
I'm 99% sure the glass art in the second picture, is the work of Chihuly (the glass artist). I've seen a couple of his exhibits, they're AMAZING.

Now "who is this?" you're probably wondering...ready for a blast from the past? It's your old childhood neighbor from Espanola: Amritjit. (Avtar's younger sister :)

I stumbled across your blog about a month ago...it's good to see I'm not the only one out there who takes massive amounts of pictures of my surroundings/everyday beauty/random things! Keep up the good work, I'll for sure keep enjoying them. And it's nice to see the Gurdwara/sangat, I miss the old 'hood alot sometimes.

celestialjungle@yahoo.com feel free to keep in touch!

Anonymous said...

By the way, I especially love the pics that you take up in the Sombrillo hills, looking down on the Espanola valley & Gurdwara.
It would be touching (and mucho appreciated) to see pics of my old house, if that would be a possibility!

Take care~
Amritjit (Celeste)

Khalsa Warrior said...


It's awesome to see Gursikhs wearing Bana!!! Great job Singho!!!

Anonymous said...


If you are still in Las Vegas, Please let me know so you can go to my cousins two Indian restaurants. One is in inside of Hawaian Market Place very close to Ballagio. The other on is also close and it is on Las Vegas Blvd.
Please let me know if you are still in Las Vegas so I can call my cousins and let them know that your are coming.. Also I can give you the names of there Restaurants. I am pretty sure that you are going to like the food. There are two gurudwaras too in Las Vegas. They have bought the land to bulid a big gurudwara in Las Vegas. Please let me know.


Anonymous said...

anon ji,
r u talking about gandhi restaurant in Vegas?

Sikhi Seeker said...

Bellagio is stocked with colours..flowers and the ceiling...sweet! And playing by the fountain...never too old for that :P Looks like Las Vegas was lotsa fun. Chardi Kala!

Anonymous said...

Anon ji,
Yes, Gandhi is one of them.

Prabhu Singh said...

I'm back at home now. Actually I had to go back on Saturday night, because there was a wedding in EspaƱola on Sunday which I couldn't miss. Hopefully we can meet next year :-)