Friday, October 07, 2005

6th of the month Gurdwara

For our 6th of the month Gurdwara each household will prepare a dish for the langar. The sangat collectively brings the langar. Most people didn't know I was getting their picture.
Since everybody comes out at the end of Gurdwara at the same time, we will often serve in lines so that it is more efficient.
Akal trying to serve out the remainder of the prashad.
Serving langar
Harpal and Hari Bhajan serving. Neither knew I was taking their picture. Though you can tell Hari Bhajan is suspecting that I got her picture. She asked me right after this shot if I was taking her picture and I told her that I was trying to get Harpal's picture, which is true, but I guess my aim was off, because she's featured more prominently. I was just taking random pictures while holding a plate of food.
It seems some people out there really find Gurujot handsome, so naturally I'm obliged to get photos of him.
Sopurkh trying to toss something into a cup.
Well I know Sat Purkh reads my blog sometimes so it's only fitting that I get another picture of her without her knowing. :-)
Siri Chand Singh.
Harpal looks very serious doesn't he? He didn't know that I was getting his photo either.
Nirmal smelling the contents of one of the drinks that was brought to see if he could tell what it is. And Sopurkh discussing the contents maybe?
Narayan Singh.


manpreet kaur said...

Sat Shri Akal!

How nice to do, this 6th of the month!
I never heard of this custom. Anyway they never do in my sangat, but it is nice to introduce.
Is it done in other gurdwara's too?
Curious like always.

Sat Purkh Kaur Khalsa said...

Great fun to see the sangat and it was a lovely event. I only wish you had gotten pictures inside the gurdwara--it was beautiful. Next year.

Thanks for getting the occasional shot of me--my friends and family check this blog for the latest events in Espanola. I never take pictures, so they get them any way they can :D

Sat Nam.

Prabhu Singh said...

Since the attack in 1984 we have had a Gurdwara on every 6th of every month (not just June). I'm pretty sure other communities also do the same. I guess mostly communities that were founded by or influenced by Sikh Dharma of the Western Hemisphere.

Sikhi Seeker said...

...A Wonderful Tribute!
God bless!

sat simran said...

hmm - i never knew you had 6th of the month things as well - i guess i should have assumed people would commemorate it everywhere, not just at the place of the attack

loving the candid shots :D
keep up the great work

Anonymous said...

thanks for the pics seems as though mr gurjot singh is becoming very popular ;)

Anonymous said...


msingh said...

Nice pictures, and an informative post.

Prabhu Singh Ji I was wondering how the gurudwara is managed and run - do you have a committee, are there elections, etc..


Prabhu Singh said...

I don't think we have a comittee, but I could just be unaware of it. When I was growing up we had missals which would rotate the duties of the Gurdwara, like setting up, making langar, cleaning up, etc. We have a head granthi and she takes care of a lot of the way the Gurdwara is run. Though unlike other Gurdwaray she doesn't do everything herself. Anybody who's qualified to read a hukam or do the ardaas or sing kirtan is allowed to do so. Different people at different times will sit behind the Guru and or wave the chouri sahib. The Granthi manages all of these activities. If somebody's been sitting for a long time behind the Guru she will find somebody to relieve them. You can see her asking different people during Gurdwara if they would like to serve prashad at the end. She makes sure everything is taken care of and running smoothly during the Gurdwara. There are never and have never been any power struggles here. I don't believe there are any paid positions associated with the Gurdwara also I think we generally only get enough donations to run the place most everybody here is middle class. We don't have elections. Everything is done by seva.

msingh said...

Thanks for the reply. It sounds like the head granthi is the main person overseing the gurudwara.If I may be to ask a few more questions:

- does the head granthi stay at the gurudwara?
- do you have a different head granthi each year?
- how are decisions made (eg. to hold a rensabhai keertan programme)
- how are differences (if any) resolved?

The purpose behind these questions is for me to learn and get a better understanding.


Prabhu Singh said...

The head Granthi is a volunteer, she stays at her house with her family. You have probably seen a few pictures of Hari Bhajan Kaur(from the turban tying videos), her mother is the Head Granthi, her name is Hari Dharam Kaur.
We don't rotate granthis.
We don't have rensabhai kirtan programs that often, mostly we have our Sunday Gurdwara, 6th of the month Gurdwara and morning Sadhana. Other than that if people are interested in organizing an event they can usually do it. A few of my friends have organized a rensabhai kirtan on their own. If you are willing to do the work and it doesn't conflict with other events I think anybody is allowed to organize an event. I don't know of differences. I'm assuming that any differences in the past were likely mediated by the Siri Singh Sahib. I just don't know of differences really.
I think most of the sangat comes to the Gurdwara to sing kirtan, meditate and be with the sangat. Probably most are like me and have very little knowledge of how things are run. I would step into a role of leadership if somebody asked me to do so, otherwise I don't mind being unaware of the way things are run.
I know that community planning meetings are held on occasion and I believe the whole budget is shown to anybody and everybody who cares to see it. I saw the budget at the last meeting I went to, which was a while ago. I didn't see much money other than that which is needed for maintenance.

msingh said...

Thanks for your reply Prabhu Singh Ji.

It's interesting to learn how different gurudwaras are run, the model at Espanola seems to work really well. I suppose the important thing is to be open about finances and allow the sangat to give their views on how the gurudwara is run.