Monday, October 24, 2005

The 4th of July Canyon

This Saturday we made a trip that was 2 and a half hour drive from Española to a place called the 4th of July Canyon, a place that is filled with maple and oak trees which looks like New England in the fall, but it is right here in New Mexico.


Gurinder said...

Extermely beautiful! I am going to use one of these pics for painting.

I hope to see some nagar kirtan pics

Thank you for sharing these moments with us!

Gurukarm Kaur said...

You're right - it does look like New England is SUPPOSED to look - but we had so much rotten weather the last several weeks, all the leaves are now on the ground, and never got pretty at all. Sigh! But, we are grateful we didn't have it any worse - sending prayers for health and well-being to all those affected by the spate of natural disasters.

Gurukarm Kaur
Millis, MA