Thursday, September 08, 2005

Sunday - going up

After doing Sadhana by the river, I took this picture of the sunrise.
This is my new tent, it's 9x9 so that I can do Sat Kriya inside. Though this particular morning I did it by the river. It was a group Sadhana, me and Gurubhai Singh.
Starting the hike.
On the trail.
Crossing the river for the first time.
Crossing the river.

Hari with his backpack and camera.
There were a bunch of flowers along the hike.

The yucca plant is New Mexico's state flower. When they bloom the tall stalks have vibrant flowers.
Hari and Sita holding hands and hiking together.
The second river crossing.

I used to eat these fruits when I was a kid and I'd always get the little hair-like needles stuck in my tongue and my lips. Still to this day if I try and eat cactus fruit I always get needles in my mouth. I've also eaten cactus, which in Mexico is called nopales.
yuccas on the ridge.
An old corral

Hari inspecting an old shed found along the way.
Wash basin with gunshots.
A windmill.
The accompanying cabin, which seems to have been shot at.
Ah, what a lovely homestead.

The tree grew around the fence and the fence is now embedded in the tree.
Another shot of the windmill.
Some cool trees.
Crossing an arroyo.
Rock slide.
Tree with moss and a small pine tree growing next to it.
This sign warns about getting water up your nose, which I did a lot because I was jumping and diving. I'm alright.
The Gila Wilderness.
A pretty big spider.

Hari at a campsite closer to the springs. Last year we saw a guy we know camping here.
The canyon.

These bushes were very interesting with red bark and green leaves.

A yucca with a really tall stalk.
I picked up this little guy, it might look like I'm squishing him but I'm not he's just fine.
I went up ahead on the trail and found this guy. I ran right by him, within a foot. If you click on the picture you'll see he is a rattler.
I figured I was already really close to him, I met as well get a close up.
He was very majestic.
When everybody else caught up, I was warning them about this snake and he seemed to get a little angry. He's ready to attack at this point.
Where's Hari?
This is part of Turkey Creek which meets the Gila River.
some fish

A little past the springs, where Turkey Creek is really wide.
Turkey Creek itself.

They're both in the creek, one higher and the other lower.
And the switch.
This would make a nice calendar.
Spring water was dripping from this overhang.
Some nearby campers were collecting the water that was dripping for drinking.
Hari jumping really high.
The trick, is to jump off the log.
Hot (really hot) springs flowing out of the rock.

The area we were hanging out in.

Me diving into the hot springs, pretty awesome huh?
Hari did a front flip, but I didn't get the picture until he was already in the water.
A view from the pool we were jumping into.
Me jumping. The pool was shallower this year and so you had to be careful where you jumped.


Sikhi Seeker said...

gosh! It's like you went for a week or so! But the pictures are as usual awesome.
I am not sure if that poor frog survived your grip ;) and also how you survived that rattle snakes' grip (if I may call it that :P)
fun! fun! fun!

P.S.// Are you and Hari brothers? I can hardly make out whoz who...:P

Anonymous said...

How you would cook a cactus? , do you just cut into tiney peices and eat it with the salad or is there a special cooking involved

Sat Purkh Kaur Khalsa said...

Wow! Looks like a good time! I was home painting (which was fun in its own way)....Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Some really wicked pics... im SOOOO gald we don't ger spiders that size in the UK :)

Prabhu Singh said...

I don't know if anybody will be reading this, but I'm finally answering the questions here.
Yes Hari and I are brothers, were fraternal twins. Up close there's no mistaking who's who.

I guess there are several ways to prepare a cactus. I'm sure the first step is to remove the needles. I guess you could eat it raw in a salad. The first time I ate 'Nopales' in Mexico I got them with other vegetables from a woman who was stir frying them in a market in a little Mexican town called Tepoztlan which I have pictures of in the archive.