Thursday, September 29, 2005

Solar Fiesta

Last Saturday Hari and I went to the Solar Fiesta in Albuquerque. We volunteered there and got free entrance and free t-shirts. I helped with the selling of entrance tickets and workshop tickets. Pretty much everybody who came to the fiesta saw at least one guy in a turban and beard. It was a pretty big turn out, in some of the workshops there were no seats left and people had to stand. Hari volunteered to proctor the workshop entitled photovoltaics 101. We also went to an interesting workshop on saving energy in your house. You can save a LOT of money if you have high energy bills, with a few initial investments.

This guy says his bricks are better than adobe. It looks like a cool machine.
Here I am in my solar fiesta t-shirt behind a temporary adobe wall.
Solar panels that were to be auctioned off.
Indoor exhibits.
A city that is built to conserve energy and build communities. Next to this model they had a pyramid shaped greenhouse which would grow all the food for the city. The food would be grown in the city and not require tranportation. Currently American cities are built so that people waste energy. More highways are built, less people live in cities, more people buy houses in the suburbs, which means they have to buy cars to get to work, which means they have to buy gas.
Some kids doing a performance at the fiesta.


pavandeep said...

a dinosaur? :S

Prabhu Singh said...

Yeah, I don't know why the dinosaur is in the linear city. Actually the lady I talked to at the booth didn't seem to know much. She knew a few things about the linear city, but I started discussing how inefficient our current cities are and how they're built to consume (building materials, cars, gas) she didn't know what I was talking about.

Harpreet Singh Gill said...

I would just like to apologise cyber-personally for the rather ill thought out post on Gurumustak blog. Sorry just can't resist.....So heres the cleaned up version

Version 1.2 - cleaned up and politically correct - hopefully

Misal of Negative Stereotypes

To offset the ever growing coolness, compassionate and inspiring lifestyles of the Western Sikhs. I propose the creation of the First Sikh Misl in Century's

I Sardar Harpreet Singh Gill of Wolverhampton am a Great Visonary and foresee the creation of the first Sardar Misl very soon

I Sardar Harpreet Singh Gill, will be the Jathedhar of the Misl of Negative Stereotypes, and must be addressed as 'Jathedhar Brahm Giani Maharaj Sardar Harpreet Singh Wolverhamptonwale Ji'

The Mission:

1.)To convince people we are well informed and secure individuals
2.)To see the world based on only my limited mental models
3.) To generally go around providing entertainment for people due to my idiosyncrantic leadership
4.)Pretend to be individuals with substance
5.) Behave as history, Sikh believes, Sikh tradition and then behaving in the exact opposite to what we preach.

If you think that your a Sardar worthy to be part of the Misl then read on.

I am currently looking:

-5)A second in command
-4)A Finance Minister to swindle donations people make to us
-3) Public relations people
-2)A couple of Front Guys, and a spokesperson
-1)A Hypnotist
0)And some really special people to specialise in brainwashing new recruits
1)Two Captains
2)A dozen Leutenants
3)And a couple of hundred, good solid regular sardars

If you think you are up to the job send your CV to me listing
-3) Your overly priced education - every one must have this, as I have this
-2) Your indulgent/privilaged upbringing
-1) How much you have in your bank accont- basically how much are your worth
0) Your immediate familys net assets
1.) Height - over 6 feet tall, the aid of lifts and others items allowed
2.) Weight - obesity an advantage
3.) Your Maximum Bench Press, Squat, Push Press - The more you can lift the more man you are

Misal of Negative Stereotypes PERSONALITY TRAITS - (which you will be assesed for on your application being successful)

There are certain characteristics and mental attitudes which a Sardar in my misl must have, which can be summoned up as the ability to oppose any betterment activity or group.

It is important to closely examine and list the specific attributes of the type of Sardar I want in my Misl.


1. The Sardar must be commited to speaking in very broad generalities. "They say..." "Everybody thinks.." "Everyone knows..." and such expressions must be continually be used particularly when imparting a rumor.

2. The Sardar must deal mainly in bad news, critical or hostile remarks, invalidation and general suppression.

3. The Sardar should be able to habitually select the wrong target when addressing any issue

4. The Sardars actions should have little or nothing to do with their own volition. The Sardar must convince himself that things "just happen."

5. The Sardar must have no sense of correct causation and particularly be unable to feel any sense of remorse or shame therefore.

I look forward to hearing from you & Goodluck

Prabhu Singh said...

You changed number 5 on the mission. That was one of the funniest ones:

"5.) Give out long winded interpretations of Sikh history, Sikh believes, Sikh tradition and then behaving in the exact opposite."

This is really pretty humorous, especially now that it doesn't really hurt anybody's feelings.