Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Return of Abiquiu

Soon I hope to add some video content to my blog. Balwinder got some real cool videos of some dives and jumps at Abiquiu. I had a total blast. I think the water level is lower because one of the jumps seemed really high. Though I couldn't get enough dives. It is so much fun to just run off the cliff head first.
Abiquiu in its full splendor
The "Indian Dudes" as I affectionately call them. Suhas on the left and Nilesh on the right. They work with Balwinder in an office right next to Hari.
Getting ready
Here I go.
It was an alright entry. This was the first jump of the day.
The finish.


Anonymous said...

I am curious, how do the 'Indian dudes' interact with you. Did 1984 ever come up? Do they make any Sikh jokes?

Vicky Singh said...

haha geez anonymous.. not all indians are that bad.. It's just like few bad apples.. so it's not like every indian we see on street makes fun of sardars or more likely they probably don't know anything about 84's.

Anonymous said...

Vicky Singh, your kidding right that >> more likely they probably don't know anything about 84's << ?

It was worst massacre of civilians in Indian history since 1947. If what you say is true, it is a shame because history repeats itself if we forget it.

And as far as Indians making Sikh jokes are concerned? It is so in grained into the Indian culture that most Indians do not even realize that they are doing anything offensive by making jokes about Sikhs.

Prabhu Singh said...

These guys are real nice. They've never made any stupid sardar jokes. I don't think they really knew anything about 84 before Balwinder explained it to them. I think they know now that it was a well-planned massacre.
My experience is that most Indians who aren't Sikh don't know anything about 84, because the government did a good job of hiding it and making it look like it was minor or something to be forgotten. I think in history Hitler is probably the only person/entity that has a worse record than the GOI.
These guys have a real good sense of humor because I occasionally make jokes about things in Indian culture and they're alright with that. I don't mean any offense to Indians, I mostly joke because they are things I observe and I don't understand all the subtleties so it is like the 'white dude' imitating Indian culture without knowing what he's doing, kind of humor.

Sikhi Seeker said...

For Anonymous:
...If you still reading...

Indians overall are not like that. And don't accuse people you don't know well enough. If you read anything about '84, you couldn't have possibly missed how many Sikhs survived only cuz of the support from their Hindu neighbours and friends. I am an Indian and I know many many more Indians than probably you do, or ever will. Cuz even if you were an Indian, it looks like you could never open your eyes and heart up, even once.
Sorry, Prabhu ji I dont mean to being so rude in your blog...but such accusations of generalizing all indians and of generalizing all the accusations on Indians is not right!

Anonymous said...

People, just chill. The first anon. writer did not accuse anybody. All he did was ask Prabhu some questions - get it, no accusations or generalization.

>>I am curious, how do the 'Indian dudes' interact with you. Did 1984 ever come up? Do they make any Sikh jokes? <<

And for 'Sikhi seeker', I do not know how you can accuse anon. for generalizing and making false accusation and yet you feel justified to do the same without knowing him/her.

And btw, I am a survivor of the anti sikh pogroms of 1984. I am from Jamshedpur, Bihar. And believe me there were a lot more Hindus wanting to kill me and my family than there were trying to help me. Let me be exact - none, nada, zero, zilch is the number of Hindus who helped me. And these were my friends who I had grown up with.
I also agree with the 2nd anon that making sardar jokes is now an intrinsic part of Indian culture. Much like the racist and ethnic jokes that prevade red-neck communities.

Prabhu, I apologize for this outburst but Sikhi seeker's response just brought a flood of images from those days.

Vicky Singh said...

Anonymous, I lived most of my life with non-sikh friends and still 90% of my friends belongs to non-sikh background (in another word hindu, jain and so on). I also lived most of my life outside of punjab and i grew up with dif. kind of ppls and believe me that 80% of total indian population do not know anything about 84 holocaust !

so anyway.. most of indians regardless of their religious, cultural background are law abiding peoples, not some RSS fanatics..

Sikhi Seeker said...

I am not sorry for what I said earlier, but I truly apologize for having evoked some terrible memories of your life. That was definitely not my intention. I know it must be easier said than done, but what do you want to do? Stay anti-(anyone who is not a Sikh) for life? If you are a Sikh, make sure to take respite in the story of Bhai Ghaniya. Waheguru says Ek ong Kar...and veerji/bhainji, if God is one, why would he differentiate between His/Her kids? And you know that kids fight and can act mean to each other, that however, does not mean that God, their parent starts to dislike them....you know?
I think I should stop blabbing....but I really hope Waheguru finds a healing agent to your old sores and may you start to love and trust one and all again.
p.s.// This time, kindly dont take offense to anything I said, the last thing i want to do here is offend someone...puh-leez! *Love and peace*

Prabhu Singh said...

My experience is that most Indians and most people in the world know nothing of the atrocities of 1984. Most people don't know that people are still "disappearing." I've seen figures like a quater million Sikhs killed in and since 1984.
I think Sardar jokes are ingrained in the culture because some Indians have told me Sardar jokes. I was thinking "how could they think that I would find that funny?" I thought they really know nothing of Sikhs, we follow the highest ideals of all religions and without dividing ourselves from others and still remaining humble. Why would you want to make fun of Sikhs who have done so much good?
I don't mind the questions, I feel a little bad for Suhas and Nilesh because they are both real nice and I would hope they usually don't remind people of the negative things in India.
They've both gone to Gurdwara and enjoyed it there, I think that is cool. It shows character that you can go to your friend's place of worship, and even enjoy yourself, that is nice.

balwinder said...

I know suhas and nilesh better than anybdy here(i suppose). No doubt, they are really cool and they respect sikhs a lot.
I told them about 1984. They asked me many questions and I answered them according to my understanding. Now they know very well that GOI did really bad with sikhs as a community. Now they do not argue but take care of my sentiments whenever we talk about these issues. They are helping me grow as a sikh as they always support my activities(duties) as a sikh. I remember when I was in utah, I use to borrow nilesh's car to go to gurudwara on sundays. Nilesh also visited gurudwara a lot with me.

Regarding other indians, they dont even know that sikhism is a different religion. GOI brainwashed them so well that they think GOI saved sikhs from terrorists.

BTW I found many sikhs also, brainwashed by GOI.What a shame!

Anonymous said...

This is for SS - may be you did not mean this but there you go making generalizations about me by suggesting that I am anti Hindu. How do you know that without ever having met me?
Just because I told you about my escape from the anti-sikhs pogroms, you some how assume that I am carrying a grudge against Hindus. Why can't a sikh say loud and clear that it was the Hindu mobs that attacked him in 1984 without someone either calling him/her a bigot or a fanatic or a khalistani or someone who needs to let go of his hatered of Hindus?
Why does someone like you who hates generalizations and accusations think that it is ok now to accuse me.
You won't accuse a Jewish person of being anti christian because he said that the christian mobs attacked him solely because he was a Jew or a call a black person, racist who said that a white mob attacked him, would you?

SS, I think you are a sweet person with good intentions but please do not prejudge a sikh brother just because he says that Hindus attacked him in 1984.

And about Nilesh and Suha am sure they are fine people.

I am just surprised that a simple question by the first poster has us going back and forth. He could have asked it based on his own experiences with Hindus and may have liked to get a Prabhu's perspective.

Anyhow, that is the beauty of sikhi, it does not let you prejudge or carry a grudge.