Thursday, September 15, 2005

The rest of the story (for now)

This is the rest of the trip to Abiquiu, though I plan to get some videos for the blog later. They are pretty cool. The videos show more what it's like to be there.
I'm getting started on another jump.
I really wanted to get some distance on the jump.
Here I go.
The entry's not too bad.
If only I wouldn't have bent my knees, I wouldn't have created such a huge splash.

I was really taking my time to get into this picture that the camera took. I was just about to sit down, when it clicked.
I was trying to set up the camera and accidently took a shot. haha :-)
I promise I did figure out how to use my camera so that I don't get as many blurry photos. I just happened to move my hand a little on this one.
Another picture of the famous mesa.
Where we parked.
The moon was out already.


Anonymous said...

Sat Nam!

Dear Prabhu,

By now every one knows that you are a devoted orthodox sikh. And i am very pleased to see you all so comfortable without turban while enjoying your swimming time.
So often sikh children think they are not allowed to take of their patka during swimmingclass. Result they end up on the bench next to the swimmingpool.
This way they can not make their growing bodies stronger and healthier. I feel so sad then, because being "fundamental" (in its right meaning; sticking to the fundaments) should not deprive them of caring for their bodies.
I will sent your photos (hope you don't mind) to some of them and hope that your attitude will influence them in a positive way.
Isn't it nice to hear you will be their super hero, here in old Europe.

Harpreet Singh Gill said...

Prabhu!! Prabhu!!! Prabhu!!!! Prabhu!!!! Prabhu!!!!!! Prabhu!!!!!!!! Prabhu!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We should have a poll that we can vote to see who has the best blog

Prabhu Singh Ji
Gurumustak Ji's

gururoopkhalsa said...

wjkk wjkf..........what happens to your 5k's????????????????????guru rakha

Harpreet Singh Gill said...

Guru Roop Khalsa Ji

In my limited understanding its AKJ, Damdami Taksal, Sant Samprada that advocate hardcore Rehat, that you can never ever remove your 5 K's. They have detailed instructions on how to bath with your 5 K's on. I have heard since AKJ consider 5 kakkar Keski, many singhs tie their keski on without even letting their kesh dry properly. Look these Rehat nama are fine but they are not the absolute undeniable authority, only Sri Granth Sahib Ji is. It is because we take these fanatical views of Sikhi that many Sikhs do not keep kesh, and do not take Amrit. Is enforcing that the 5 K's are on your person at all times, even in married relations, besides being fanatical, is a form of superstition just what the Sikh panth is opposed too. I realise the concept of keeping 5 K's on you at all times is form of absolute dicipline, and leads to a high level of spirituality. But the Rehat that Western Sikhs keep, is atleast equal to the fanatical rehats, in fact I believe it to be a vision that is more true to Sikhi.

Look to put things in context, consider the Nihungs, they eat Meat, they consider the use of intoxicants as an aid the spirituality. But they the Nihungs are considered by themselves the only true original Khalsa, and consider the ruling body of the Sikhs SPGC and other groups to have been corrupted back when the English annexed punjab.

Look because of fanatical views, differences, intolerance - Sikhi is divided. You must know Damdami Taksal has recently splintered into two. All others groups have splintered at some point in tine - Akalis, SPGC (there is talk about independant Haryana SPGC separate from the main SPGC in Punjab), Nanaksar is a battleground over who controls the movement, AKJ has not exactly been a picture of unity. Recently I listened to Professor Darshan Singh really discrediting Sant Baba Ranjit Singh (who is responsible inspiring thousands of people to drink Amrit) over the use of the term 'sant' and singing 'dharna'

Look every Sikh should do 3 things

1)Look for salvation from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

2)Make absolute commitment to Guru Ji by drinking Amrit, and adorning Sikhi roop.

3)Live a healthy Gurmat inspired lifestlye

Every thing else will fall into place.

Harpreet Singh Gill said...

The true Rehat (which every one has different historical, intellectual view on) is method/lifestyle to lead a sikh through: -

1.Dharam - Following Rehat, having religious discipline, basically striving for and thus obtaining all the great worldly qualities a human being can possess. Only through having passed the test of Dharam can one have Gyan

2.Gyan - Spiritual Knowledge, not worldly knowledge, not intellectualism, but knowledge of your soul. To realise that you are not your human body, but a Soul inside a Human body, to separate the mortal flesh from the immortal soul that came from Waheguru

3.Sharam- From having Gyan one develops Sharam, which loosely translates to Humility. For how can one have any trace of ego, when one realises one soul is a mere drop of water, in the beyond infinite sea which is Waheguru, and everything else except Waheguru is temporary Maya, created by Waheguru for the personal entertainment of Waheguru

4.Karam- From this Sharam embedded in one's very being, One is capable of achieving great deeds (i.e. Karam)and doing great good for the world he lives in

5.SachKand - reached only through Jeevan Mukti, which is bestowed if one's Karam have pleased Waheguru. And at this stage one is a true Sikh of the Guru, a GurSikh.

(Note: I would just apologise of any of my misconceptions, or erroneous views for the previous post and this one, for me being Manmukh I have surely made mistakes, but I hope the spirit of the message I have tried to portray you have taken into consideration)

Harpreet Singh Gill said...

Who would Guru Gobind Singh Ji consider a true Khalsa

1)The lean, strong, athletic, enlightened, charitable Sikh, who is an inspiration to everyone including non-sikhs


2)The Obese, soon to be dangerously obese, fanatical, angry, egotistical, Sikh, with lets just say limited social skills, who is vengefully intolerant of anyone who has a diffent view on sikh life to himself but manages to keep his 5 K's on him, at the expense of not doing any sport, any physical activity.
In fact when non sikhs look at him think 'talk about a brainwashed weirdo'.
When other sikhs look at him think 'not exactly a picture of love and positive vibes'

Note:Wait a second sikh number (2) is beginning to sound like me and alot of my friends. NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Prabhu Singh said...

Thanks for holding down the fort Harpreet. That's real nice. I've finally met some AKJ people in real life and I've had positive interactions with both. I met one guy here who is AKJ and he is a really nice guy and showed me some beautiful kirtan on