Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The rest of Saturday

Around noon we started driving to get to the Turkey Creek area of the Gila wilderness. We had to then drive on a somewhat treacherous dirt road to get into the canyon. It's not treacherous for an SUV, but we had 6 hours of driving before the dirt road that didn't require an SUV. If you go slow and have some passengers get out of the car for more clearance in some places, you can make it without scraping.
Driving down to the Gila wilderness.
A ranch
A field of sunflowers
This is me in the back seat and Hari driving.
On the road.
The mountains that we camped in.
Approaching the mountains.
Need a soul? This is the soul store. We stopped for gas here in a little town called Alma, which means soul in Spanish.
A view across the street from where we stopped for gas.
Another view across the street from the gas station.
The clouds were low laying, it rained a lot on the weekend.
Isn't nature beautiful?
A view of the canyon that we camped in, from the road going in.
A view of the Gila River valley.
A view from our campsite.
An interesting colored rock.
Starting the camp fire.

Hari in an upright hammock.
Drying a sleeping bag and a hammock that got rained on.


Sikhi Seeker said...

Thank you Prabhu ji, for so many WONDERFUL screen savers :D

Rob said...

Hey, I've camped in that exact same site at least a dozen different times. Thanks for the pictures. One of my favorite places.